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ICYMI – Conservative Youth Gets Death Threats

Remember the young man we spotlighted months ago, the 12 year-old that questioned Obama’s love of country?


CJ Pearson, shown here with Sen. Ted Cruz, was the target of threats on Twitter.
CJ Pearson, shown here with Sen. Ted Cruz, was the target of threats on Twitter.
On Friday, CJ Pearson, a 12-year-old Georgia conservative who made news with a viral video questioning President Obama’s love of the United States, announced onFacebook that he and his family had been the target of threats on Twitter. Pearson told Examiner that he’s physically okay, but is “distraught” from the threat.

“I had a horribly rough night on Twitter after a woman not only threatened to sue me for expressing my opinions but threatened my family,” he said. “At this point, I’ve decided that it’s best for me to take a step back and evaluate all of my options before continuing down this path.”


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  1. I think it was smart for the kid to take a step back but he should take heart. He will be a guest of President Cruz in the White House in a couple of years.

  2. And who is this twat who thinks she can sue someone who has no income for disagreeing with her?

    Go back to whatever dump you came from. I’m sure their legal system will be more to your liking.

  3. We (Conservatives) need to figure out how to support CJ. He cannot get discouraged and be silenced — that’s a win for the left.

    If I’m still around 30 years from now, I will vote CJ for President!

  4. What’s most amazing is he’s getting death threats even when Eric Holder is no longer running the ‘justice’ department.

  5. I wonder how the loon would react if CJ said..Bring it on!
    Imo, these lefties get off on intimidation and if he just stood up to her she might back off.
    I know he’s only 12 but when my kids were younger, that’s how I taught them to react to bullies!

  6. The left is all talk on the internet. In real life unless there is 20 of therm in a group they won’t do a thing.

    Kind of like rioters. One on one, they run away but when 20 of their buddies can jump in they run their mouths and are badasses.

    Screw therm all.

  7. CJ,

    Have fun with them. Take screen shots of their threats and intolerance. Remember to thank them for the free campaign material they have contributed to the Cruz 2016 presidential effort.

  8. Ya’ll pardon me for sounding like a pompous know-it-all Lib who thinks it’s his place to presume to tell others what’s best, or whatever. I don’t want to criticize, but I am feeling a more and more urgent need to try to help steer “the narrative” toward some kind of intentional actionable strategy for rescuing and restoring the nation to a natural state of common sense, and morality, and to where we can all unite in Freedom and Brotherhood to re-establish AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM! (WOW. Gooble spell-checker didn’t recognize “exceptionalism” as a word!)
    My point is, I’m not criticizing anybody for making funnies, or for just not being focused on defeating “The Left” or “Islam” or (to cut through to the bottom line) Satan and the many heads of the dragon that now grips this nation, I’m just following the lead of Paul Revere and trying to awaken the good people of this land before the enemy destroys what’s left of it! Okay?

    So here’s the thing. This verbal assault and intimidation of a 12 yr old, complete with death threats, was intended to silence a boy rather than give him the opportunity to impact this war we’re in… and make no mistake, WE ARE locked in a battle for the life of this nation and the hearts and souls of our children!
    Sorry, I’d start laying out my ideas and observations but I gotta sleep noew!

  9. “Mona Hussein 0bama”. Is that Mooch or Barry?

    The left has no logical arguement for any of their causes, all they can do is try to silence the opposition.

    They kill babies, they threaten kids, they are the evil scum of the earth. And 0bama the Divider loves them, not the United States.

  10. I understand why he did step back. He has a family and they were included in the threat. He’s 12 years old. It’s just too bad that his Dad or some responsible family member isn’t standing with him and announce that they, as a family, will not be silenced. Then they should pursue the terrorist (person(s) making the threat) for prosecution.

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