“I’d Like To Put YOU On the Rocket”

Typical snarky comment from President Trump to the press:

12 Comments on “I’d Like To Put YOU On the Rocket”

  1. Ha ha … He was just kidding folks … Ha ha … I mean who would want to send the wh press corps to another galaxy? Ha ha.
    Those ppl are arrogant morons with no idea how much they are despised by us citizens (esp rednecks like me)

  2. This is Trump at his best. Taunting the media till they scream like Anderson Cooper.

    Liberals and silly people complain that his tweets and remarks divide us. I for one do not care to be united with stupid-ass liberals and sick pervs.

    America was made for independent people who value freedom. What good is there to be united with everyone else? Our individual freedom is what is important, not unity of thought, religious beliefs, or anything else except agreement on the constitution’s meaning and our rights as free people.

  3. How could someone who watched John Stewart all those years ago not grow up to enjoy this president and his humor?

  4. ANON

    Without 2 naval aviators named John – Keating would not have been able to steal $millions from American taxpayers.

    For the young “Keating 5!”!

    As I have said here many times the last 9 years I love Naval Aviators. Not so much the liberals.


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