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Identifying facial expressions

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  1. Thing is, when Obama’s supporters were all running around with the Pepsi logo, that was something I supported. It didn’t offend me, I didn’t cry racist crime, I didn’t rip it off anyone, nor did I shame anyone for wearing it. It was simply a clear signal to steer clear of the dummies in the area because dummies were clearly in the area. Now if I play mental gymnastics and assume the role of a Pepsi logo wearer, I probably would be irked to realize not everyone is as stupid as I am. Hence why this illustration is spot on.

  2. I don’t wear hats.
    Won’t get into the reason I don’t, but I’ve got to have a MAGA hat, now.

    Like the Confederate Battle Flag – I never owned one till the maggots started crying about them.
    It’s fun to watch the sissies and morons “trigger” and piss themselves.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I have a real early MAGA hat. I have a small collection
    of rebel memorabilia from the ’50’s
    and ’60’s.My favorites are the hat with
    crossed reb flags with “smart ass white boy”
    in white letters.The cigarette lighter is next.
    Rare piece,reb flag on one side and a confederate
    solider on the other side saying “forget hell!”.

  4. As I quoted a (now former) friend a few days ago:
    “No Dan. The Covington kids are not victims. I don’t care how bad it gets for them. THEY were the racists. THEY were the intimidators. And yes, a MAGA hat says A LOT. You want “proof”? Look around you. It is America now.”

    Yes, they are triggered by the hat.

  5. “Triggered” by a hat?

    How they gonna react to gas chambers and ovens?
    Poor little things! Ignorance is bliss only till reality bites!

    Socialism (nihilistic totalitarianism) always ends the same – ALWAYS!
    It, simply, cannot do otherwise – no matter how hard you believe – no matter how hard you ignore the facts.

    Ask the millions who died under Lenin.
    Ask the millions who died under Stalin.
    Ask the millions who died under Hitler.
    Ask the millions who died under Mao.
    Ask the millions who died under Pol Pot.
    Ask the millions who died after the fall of Saigon.
    Ask the … oh … what’s the fuckin use?

    Imbeciles believe imbecilic shit … that’s why they’re imbeciles.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Oh! Those Expressions. They get me.
    The Sunday TeeVee Show glum liberal Faces.
    They look, kinda, sorta scared?
    How can this be?
    Makes ya go. . . Hmmmmmmmmm

    Perhaps the dawning realization?
    Not all, some. A little bit more now then yesterday.

  7. msNBC has a wee case of down in the frowns :`(
    Pro-Tip: When selling fictional narratives to already burnt buyers, best turn those frowns upsides downs.

    **Psychology Today, 1967 to present


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