Idiot CNN Analyst Says the NFL Won’t Remain Viable Unless They Encourage More Gays To Come Out

Because not catering to a fraction of American citizens will absolutely kill your business- Leftist Economics 101.

The NFL is in trouble already because they are placating leftist activists. Forcing more social experiments into this arena would be the nail in the coffin-kick.

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  1. Ummm, Michael Sam Jr. anyone? The NFL’s poster child of inclusivity, failed to achieve greatness in the Pro’s. Besides, gayness is so 90’s.

    If the NFL truly wants to prove their wokeness, put aside childish things such as gay players, male cheerleaders in drag, kneeling during the Anthem….

    Bring on the trannies. Fight fight fight for the rights of ALL, and I bet the new uniforms will be fabulous.

  2. When will President Trump finally do the correct thing and shut CNN down and imprison their executives and journalists?

    LIncoln did and Lincoln’s a hero now.

    This is the left’s attempt to manipulate closeted gay men who may or may not play football… “Being out” is a self choice, respect it. No one should make that decision for another, it’s not their place.


  4. Dirty little secret: A surprising number of black men are fudge packers. They refer to it as being on the down low. They don’t think of themselves as gay, just oversexed. Oprah Winfrey actually did a show on it years ago. That’s what you get when there are no dads in the house. The NFL is loaded with them.

  5. The whole point of all of this is to imply that for every onewho comes out, there are ten more who are just “afraid” of something or the other — Apparently what they fear is being the center of attention for the nation and the darling of half of America. And this fear is so great it keeps them from coming out even after they’ve retired and living in places like San Fran

    Well, of course

  6. If everyone is the same regardless of sexuality then what difference does it make?

    I don’t care what any of them do in their bedrooms.

    I realize many people here hate the NFL, but plenty of players have made big money and done good things with it. Don’t look at the jackasses in the league, look at the men who donate time, money & mentor youth for the greater good.

    Many are very religious people with real American Values.
    Ps. Crapernick should be pissed on!


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