If California is Facing a Rare Mega-Drought, Why is the State Releasing Water from Reservoirs?

California Globe-

Last week, when California Gov. Gavin Newsom was in Oroville, with a 60% empty Oroville Dam Reservoir as his backdrop, he said he is not ready to declare an official drought emergency. “Instead, he promised he can manage the situation without resorting to an emergency declaration, which could help his administration clamp down on water use,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported. They also reported that the threat of a recall election could be at the root of his decision.

Maybe someone can ask the governor why in the last two weeks, 91% of Delta inflow went to the sea. State pumps are at -97%, federal pumps at -85%. Outflows show 6,060,828,600 gallons. While he still has his emergency powers, can’t the governor order stoppage of this outflow if California really is on the precipice of severe water shortages and a “rare mega drought?”

People forget the winter of 2019 brought 200 percent of average rains and snow pack. Yet the state still held back on water to farmers, and residents are facing rationing, the Globe reported May 2019.

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  1. Because everything the progressive movement does is ultimately motivated by a compulsion to increase innocent human suffering, misery and death.

    Once I figured that out I have been trying to invalidate my conclusion by looking at each and everything they do to see if there is any example wherein what they advocate has not or will not certainly ultimately lead to increased innocent human suffering, misery and death and my postulate is holding up pretty well so far.

  2. Same old same old. I was a member of NorCal Black Bass Action Comittee back in the day. We fought this tooth and nail. NorCal lakes are damn near empty because it’s all been shipped south. Check the SoCal lake levels. They will all be at 85%. The releases are mandated by an Army Corp of Engineers outline done in 1956. Our assholes won’t deviate because it’s political

  3. JD – Not only that, but they gladly stand on the bodies of their victims to brag about their accomplishments!

  4. California has a thousand miles of coastline. If they would embrace nuclear power, desalinization would be economically feasible. But no, it’s “better” to build aquaducts and steal water from rivers elsewhere.

  5. California, and the entire Southwest US does not have a water problem.
    They have a people problem.
    Too Dang Many Of ‘Em !!!

    That, and the scumbag dems will stop at nothing to prove their unprovable “global warming/global climate change/global catastrophe OH MY GOD!!! emergency.

  6. Lessee here…Normally the snow pack melts in April/May/June/July and they dump the reservoirs to accommodate the impending melt. Is the snow pack low this year? Or is it a high snow pack year that they can’t admit….Doesn’t matter. Drought talks take place this time of year, every year, and they have for 50 years….

  7. The voter’s of Cali are just too stupid to live, 🤔 and they better not dare ask for one drop of the Colorado River, scum bag’s.

    I’m tired of them moving to Arizona and turning it into the shithole it’s becoming. 🤬

  8. Well, Arizona asks for much more of the Colorado river which starts in Colorado…I remember a couple of decades ago that they dumped 75 feet of Lake Ganby in Colorado because Arizona was thirsty…..Always live just a little downhill from the water source ….

  9. The political mafia lives by the motto “never let a crisis go to waste.” What’s the best way to maintain crisis levels? Manufacture them. If the Bureau of land management in California dumps millions of gallons of water into the sea, they can then claim an ongoing crisis in desperate need of government regulation.

  10. Dunno why Gruesome Newsom went to Butte County, hundreds of people in Butte County signed the petition to get rid of him. Also, the State of CA just finished 3 new boat ramps at Lake Oroville, all of them are unlaunchable due to the low water levels. The boat ramps were suppose to built 50 years ago when the dam was built. The ramps were built with FEMA money from when the spillway got blown apart from neglect. BTW, the only way water is released from Lake Oroville is through the power house. Water is a long ways from the gates for any of it to be released from there. Many of the Western States are screwed waterwise.

  11. One more note: Lake Oroville is overseen by DWR (Department of Water Resources–CA). Lake Shasta which is about 90 miles from Oroville Dam is operated by the Feds (Army Corp of Engineers). Both lakes feed the Sacramento River, which feeds the Delta. From the Delta, water gets funneled to the CA Aqueduct at Tracy, CA. The aqueduct feeds the nation and more. The aqueduct is in bad shape. Cracked concrete which is crumbling in various places.

  12. Tony R

    Five hundred miles of that coast line is just about the only place in the country that solar power makes sense. Not solar panels producing electricity but solar desalinization plants.

    I’m rather amazed that someone owning property along the coast in S Cal hasn’t done this. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to design nor a billionaire to build a plant large enough to supply one residence with water even if they did wash their car twice a day.

  13. SoCal is a semi-arid desert, even the Indians didn’t build permanent settlements there. In the last 50 years California population has doubled, yet they haven’t increased their water supply by one drop.

  14. majorityofbob:
    After a drought in the 70’s or 80’s, Santa Barbara California built a desalinization plant, but after a few years of lots of rain, they stupidly dismantled and sold the plant, to Israel, I think. Then the next cycle of drought hit.

  15. Tony R

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Probably sold for ten cents on the dollar with 10% of that going to whatever “BIG GUY” was in charge.

    I’m not talking about a government project though. If I had property on the S Cal coast, surrounded by earth saving, I’d libtards, I’d build myself a sea level swimming pool and dig a trench to the ocean so that hi tide would fill my pool. Then I would build a green house over the pool and install a drain to carry off the fresh water that condenses.

    When the next drought hit I’d be sure water my lawn everyday from 7 to 9AM and 5 to 7PM so that all my neighbors that are getting their water rationed by Herr Gruesome could see it.

  16. The results are in, and based on who Californians voted for, Crazy joe, Heels up harris, Piglosi and Newsom, et al, they are certifiably stupid and deserve their fate!

  17. The disabled nuclear plant at San Onofre (Two Big Boobs) should be converted to a de-sal plant and sell the bottled water to the DNC, UN, Hollywood studios, legacy media outlets, China, Iran, Antifa, BLM.


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