“If he don’t vote for Trump, I’m getting a divorce”

h/t Bad Brad

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24 Comments on “If he don’t vote for Trump, I’m getting a divorce”

  1. We need a lot more of this. I’m sure blacks going on five, six, seven generations of no positive family legacies are fed up. I know I would be.

  2. smarter than Whoop Eye … that’s fer sure

    (of course, the squirrels in my back yard are smarter than Whoop Eye)

  3. That comment makes my head fall into the palm of my hands. O.K. in order to defeat them we need more of us than them. So we have three choices. Convert them. Kill them. Or start have lots of conservative babies. The latter won’t help for a while.

  4. Sorry Brad but do you really think that blacks will leave the democrat plantation and disobey their masters?
    Do you? Be honest.

    Seriously, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE a Republican gets any more than 5% of the black vote.

    I don’t have an answer but I have lived long enough to know better.

  5. Please review the options above. Unless you have another one. If so, let’s hear it. I’m some what shocked you and Menderman don’t view that video as a positive.

  6. We already have more than them, just most of them have never witnessed conservatism at work. This election is a freebie for the right, so let’s elect a constitutional conservative so they can see first hand how it works.

  7. I get that. But if we need to do it a couple at a time that’s still moving the needle in the right direction. Cruz can’t get the black vote. Trump will get at least 20%.

  8. Brad, Like I said, this cycle is a freebie. A pet rock could win the general against Hill or Bern. I get that y’all want a big FU vote, but I want people to see how a Conservative governs, and we are wasting a golden opportunity on an un-hinged billionaire. Trump has no constitutional background and probably could not name the first 10 amendments. If Trump wins, this opportunity will not come around again in my life time. That saddens and scares me.

  9. Loco, you do know he’s polling at 25% right now right? And Mendermans contention this election will be a cake walk explains why he thinks it’s alright to vote for Bernie. He’s dead fucking wrong.

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