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So Da Nanny May Run?


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  1. Wow, the DimoRAT Party, that cabal of bleeding heart weenies who love multiculturalism and diversity even more than killing pre born babies and jobs are running a pasty faced white old decrepit Marxist, a pasty faced white, ugly, fat, old, lying, gun running, money grubbing scoundrel abuela, a pasty faced white failed ex Governor of a failed and dangerous state and possibly a pasty faced white midget, soda pop confiscating, gun grabbing, state ruining slug!

  2. He should pledge George Stephanopolis as his running mate. Then the could promise lower ride limits at amusement parks.

  3. The Dems are going to talk him out of it because they know he will suck votes away from them. I would be surprised if he runs.

  4. I know I misspelled little Georgie’s name. What one must understand is I don’t care enough to check for the correct spelling.

  5. Hitler was 5′ 10″
    Napoleon was 5′ 2″
    Doomberg is right in between at 5′ 6″, but has the worst ego attributes of both of the other dictators

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