If Liberals Want to Ban “Assault Rifles”

From Deplorable Dave

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  1. don’t even try …. progtards cannot be reasoned with … they only have ‘feeelz’

    it does no good to argue w/ them. you can’t teach them because they haven’t been taught to think. they only know how run w/ the herd … it’s the only thing they have been taught. & it’s easily learned because it is so instinctive

  2. From office perches across the country and at the UN, your guns will be confiscated without problems, without effort without confrontation. No credit will be offered to businesses involved in the gun trade and manufacture thereof…Owners will have their mortgage called, be refused car and personal loans, Child Services will take your kids without warning, insurance, mandatory,will cost tens of thousands of dollars. You will be outed, fired, denied employment, passport revoked, ridiculed, background checks, see NYC, will take years and years while guns are destroyed and when it is a gun free America, you will be murdered by Leftist gangs, and ultimately castrated or killed by the Government….sound bleak, it will be because of the misery pelted at you in order to fund insane schemes to change the weather…100 % this is the plan and it is underway because you are deemed inferior even though they want to tax you…

  3. I got to talking with one of my protarded coworkers a long time ago, and asked, “Why are you trying to take away my right to defend myself?” He replied, “I’m not. I’m trying to take away MY right because I’m afraid of what I might do with a gun.”

    He was seriously afraid that a gun would magically appear in his hands and he would not know what to do with it. He figured that since he doesn’t know anything about guns that his hands would suddenly use the gun to start killing everything in sight.

    No self control, we’re dealing with reactionary people who hypothesize the worst possible outcome. No education, and no desire to learn. A BB has just as much deadly force as a 50 cal, there is no brain capacity to show these people that there are differences and have them actually understand.

    By the left deeming NRA a terrorist organization is another fine example of the same (lack of) thought process.

  4. did anyone just catch the conversation on ‘Tucker’?

    he was discussing ‘gun control’ w/ a libtard former Clintonista … the idiot said all the guns in Chicago were coming from Indiana … Tucker replied, (paraphrasing) ‘then why doesn’t Indiana have a gun problem?

    … no lie, his comeback, “because all their guns are in Chicago!”
    you just can’t make this stuff up

  5. They can ban all they can, getting them is another story.
    Just ask New Jersey, they made it a felony to have a high capacity magazine and BTW you need to turn them in.
    Not one magazine got turned in.
    Case closed. A gov that can tell you 10 rounds can tell you one or none.
    “Shall not” is the last word needed.

  6. I have a 9mm handgun with 17 cartridge clips. The thing that people arguing about large clips you can drop a clip and reload pretty fast. The people trying to change gun laws know nothing about guns.

  7. DogKat
    Magazine. Mag! Mag! Mag!
    A clip feeds a mag, a mag feeds a gun. Please don’t sound like a libtard again. Now please go out and shoot the mystery gun. 17 rounds in a clip/mag/thingy. What gun do you own?

  8. My grandson calls everything a “thingy”. Finally have him catching himself and then correcting himself. He’s a really good kid, teenage habits are hard to break. Hearing him say thingy is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Chances are there are things I say that makes his hair stand on end, I’m just not going to say what they are right now.

  9. Just built another AR.
    Painted it US Cav FDE (No ‘evil’ black rifle, see?)and topped it with a EOTech 512.
    Boy it’s purty – can’t wait to take it to the range.

  10. You are only telling them they have to ban all guns. They already have a plan for that. I know you think you are calling them dumb, but their plans have been in place for decades are are closer to fruition every day.

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