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If Not a Representative Democracy, What Are We?

It seems to me we’ve become a mixture of two systems of government of hybrids. The first, is the concept of an “Anocracy” which is allowing free and fair elections at some level of the nation but not at others. A Sort of democratic/authoritarian hybrid.

The term was coined by the Center for Systematic Peace which sees its mission as reducing political violence. It recently observed that “The USA dropped below the “democracy threshold” (+6) on the POLITY scale in 2020 and was considered an anocracy (+5) at the end of the year 2020; the USA score for 2021 returned to democracy (+8).” Which I find hilariously backwards. I’m looking forward to how they view our governance under Joe Biden for more laughs.

The other descriptive of what our political system has degraded into is “Anarcho-Tyranny” which strikes me as a combination of chaos and dictatorship with an unequal application of the law being its hallmark. Here

The thing about hybrids systems though, they’re rarely stable. One might think we’re not so much defining a new system of national governance than transition to something worse.

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  1. We were never intended to be a “representational democracy”. The word democracy appears NOWHERE in the Declaration of Independence nor in the Constitution. We were intended to be a Republic. We have long since devolved into an oligarchic kleptocracy.

  2. We live in a very corrupted nation. It was subtle for a while, but after Trump’s indictment and other cases going on, it’s now blatant. Oh, yeah: count Biden’s zillion dollar bribes from our enemies. It’s over, guys. We have to start planning secession and where the new boundaries are going to be.

  3. Whatever calamity our nation finds itself in, the people were willing collaborators. It was not by accident, circumstances, or bad luck, the people chose this misfortune with their eyes wide open. They were willing to give up both control and their civil liberties, all for the illusory promise that the government will take care of them and provide for their needs. This mess was of our own making.

  4. I had a brief talk with the head of our counties disaster relief coordinator about using the emergency siren to remind people what time of day it is. I explained that the disaster/tornado siren should only be used for such matters and it could easily be fixed in cities councils like our representative democracy allows. He said we are a democracy and it would need to go to a vote of the people. I said no. We are not a true democracy. We are a representative republic….He said he needed to go read the Constitution again. I told him he should…..They still set the emergency/tornado siren off 3 times a day to remind everybody what time of day it is….

  5. My oldest went to Bass Pro Shop here in NorCal. Rocklin Cali. There wasn’t a long gun or shotgun hanging in the wall. There was one pistol. A 629 Smith with a really long barrel. So my son strikes up a convo with one of the guys behind the counter. They sold out of ARs and anything Glock before noon on Friday. Everything else disappeared before noon Saturday. The sales guy remarked people are scared. And rightfully so.

  6. I’m not necessarily scared, but I’m damn sure prepping. More dry goods, canned goods, ammo, whiskey, vodka, even some wine. I think there is a good chance for a SHTF moment. If not, I won’t have to go to the store for a while. Too bad I don’t have a safe way to store a couple thousand gallons of ethanol free gas. I’ll check into that this week.

  7. We have become a representative oligarchy. We choose between the representatives the oligarchs put up for election. Trump was the exception that proves the rule, look how they have behaved since we elected him. The first time was intense, the second time we elected him they simply kept adding ballots until they could say their SENILE SOCK PUPPET had 81 MILLION ‘votes’, and then install him in the office.

  8. joe6pak

    Rightfully so. I do have a couple neighbors that are in full on panic mode. One Libtard family. Kinda interesting. I finally asked one this afternoon who she actually thought was going to attack our little hood. My two sons were in the process of gun emplacements and constatina wire around my house. This is a slow burn and isn’t going to start where you or I live. Bay Area folks might have something to worry about. Bottom line this all has to do with the old terrorist thing. Radicalization. That’s exactly their play book.

  9. The despot squatting and pizzing all over the Peoples’ furniture through his diapers has no intention to promote and sort of ‘democracy’. As far as the chronic pisser and liar is concerned it’s all about human bondage and the enslavement of all, in particular the blak people who he has a looong history of despising and deceiving.

  10. ChinaJoe, the despot squatting and pizzing all over the Peoples’ furniture through his diapers has no intention to promote and sort of ‘democracy’. As far as the chronic pisser and liar is concerned it’s all about human bondage and the enslavement of all, in particular the blak people who he has a looong history of despising and deceiving.

  11. Apparently, when you begin noticing that your local gun shops have been running low on inventory and your neighbors are removing one or two window screens in the front, back and/or sides of their houses (usually the upper floors), really hope you have been anticipating and preparing. Because, by then, it will be rather late in the night.

  12. Of course we’re transitioning to something worse. Even those of us with minimal education that were born around the middle of the last century know this. Those educated in the last 20 to 30 years think we’re transitioning to something wonderful.

  13. Trump exposed what we thought was going so that we now know what’s going on.
    The deep state swamp dwellers decided it was time to go for it.
    With help from the media and their minions in bureaucracies they don’t care who knows they’re corrupt any more.

  14. We seem to be some kind of hybrid nazi/comm “system” of a mafia-like criminal organization.

    The Constitution is dead – aborted by the Supreme Court with the consent of both Houses of Congress and at the insistence of the White Hut.

    “History always repeats; first as tragedy, then as farce.”

    We are following the declines of many formerly successful governments (and some unsuccessful). To wit:
    Roman Republic
    Weimar Republic
    Roman Empire
    Byzantine Empire

    Once criminals, thieves, murderers, liars, and traitors are allowed into positions of Power (not “Authority”) and the citizenry remains apathetic to the hostile and, sometimes, subtle deconstruction of their government, the maggots in Power are assured that they can do anything they choose with absolute impunity – particularly if the abuses and usurpations have been going on for a generation, or so.
    Most of the shit started around WWI – when Congress and the White Hut began empowering faceless, unelected bureaucrats by destroying the Balance of Power, the currency, and subjecting the (former) sovereign (We, the People) to the caprices of the bureaucracies.
    We bent over and took it – signaling our subservience – just as beta monkeys allow alpha monkeys to fuck them in the ass.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Just another Monkey Island floating in the mire, learn to live with it or around it. Failure to learn from the mistakes of other monkeys from the past. Don’t kid yourself thinking we have.

  16. @ Anonymous

    “… a republic if we can keep it…
    Ben Franklin”

    Dude, if you are going to comment, at least have the common courtesy to read what was posted before you. That quote has already been referenced twice.

    This is no time for hand-wringing or ash-heaping, The folks here are ahead of the game because at the very least they are informed. We need to keep bringing the fight to them; harangue your congressman to keep being a roadblock to anything that dope in the WH proposes, keep calling attention to the need for fair and honest elections, keep our guys in line with praise for virtuous actions and scorn for sell-outs, and do everything we can to put a GOPer (your choice, of course) in places of power within our government.

    Did Bluto give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

    I always feel a bit optimistic on Mondays. Note to our illustrious authors, put some uplifting positive posts up on Mondays. The material is out there, we just need to recognize it.

  17. lol, this country is a failed experiment. expert class gone, civil debate gone, accountability gone, right to privacy gone, rule of law gone. the list goes on and on. while the candle of freedom was burning brightly, the seeds of corruption have taken hold and the candle now flickers extinction at the breathe of tyrants. love everyday of civility as the citizenry divides into anarchy. be grateful we lasted as long as we have. look around, your enemy calls to arms while we eat, drink and be merry. ears and eyes open mouth shut.

  18. We lost the “Republic” part when we allowed property tax. You’ll never own your car, house or anything else that is taxed.

    Democracies always fail. Always.

    There is a Theocracy coming though. Jesus Christ will reign 1,000 years then He will turn His kingdom over to His Father who will rule forever. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  19. Dr Tar,
    Yep. The 17th, the 16th, and the FedReserve.
    If I had a time machine to to go back and undo those three things….

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