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If Not Him, Who, and When?


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  1. Because he is non-PC and could a shit about hurting feelings, Trump is the easiest read as to what he would do to turn the tide.

    Is it clearer what Trump would do or what the establishment candidate e.g. Bush would do?

    No more status quo.


  2. Red Flags on Donald Trump:
    1. This obnoxious blowhard accused Pam Geller of being an obnoxious blowhard who provoked the terror attack in Garland Texas.
    2. He supports universal, single payer, healthcare like the one in Canada.
    3. He is not a conservative.
    4. He keeps pushing tariffs on imports but apparently is unaware that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff sent our economy tumbling into the Great Depression.
    5. His supporters won’t listen to criticism of Trump and, rather, attack you if you criticize him. Much like Obama supporters always have done for their guy. Blind support because he found an issue to exploit is a big red flag for me.
    6. Oh, and he used to be a huge Hillary supporter until, of course, he saw his opportunity to win the White House seemed to come from the Republican side.

    Will giving him the wheel really put us in better hands?

    Really? We have no way of knowing since Trump has not ever been in the position to back up his big mouth with action.

  3. Trump is resonating because DC has proven to be worthless against a lawless administration. People are fed up, and want a radical change. Trump is the only possible candidate representing such a change.

    Maybe he’s a phony…but the people cheering are preferring a hard-nosed, non-PC phony to the same old bullshit.

    Washington’s guard is down and they have left themselves wide open for this.

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