If police will not do anything about unlawful detainment by thugs, citizens will be forced into life altering situations – and that is the real crime – IOTW Report

If police will not do anything about unlawful detainment by thugs, citizens will be forced into life altering situations – and that is the real crime

I would have lost it when the loser punk, waste of life, basement dwelling asshole said “get out of here Nazi.”

The poor shitferbrains moron doesn’t see that he is the Nazi. My life could possibly change because of the rage that these worthless turds instill.

Until we have protection under the law, this ex-marine did a foolish thing, but I cannot blame him. I understand.

The state is failing us.

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  1. Totally out of control. Antifa is an armed militant group. And the treasonous government we now enjoy is supportive of this and BLM another militant group.

  2. @Racer X:

    Everyone is lucky no one got shot.

    I agree, but with far less enthusiasm than I would have had a year or two ago. There are plenty of BLM/antifa thugs whom I would enjoy shooting in self defense.

  3. This is an outrage, wasn’t that a police officer in a helmet and vest? Why wasn’t he calling for backup? Probably told to stand down.

    Our country has failed him, is this how we treat are vet’s on Memorial Day weekend? 🤔 Shameful.🤬

  4. This is fairly old and has been discussed a lot. Military training is not going to save your ass with these assholes. When you finally give you cause to pull your weapon it’s gotta come out smoking. Sooner or later these assholes, who have been trained, are going to run into the wrong guy. I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. This guy had the green light. I just don’t think he had the stomach for it.
    L.E. is not getting involved, until they arrest you for zapping a couple of these morons.

  5. And that fuckin whore Pelosi has/had the National Guard in Washington?

    It’s getting very bad for you folks. Take care of yourselves.

    And as far as the Police go, Where the hell were they when Before it even came to this? There are some town officials that seriously need to be sued.

  6. Somewhere I read that, at least in this country, police were created not to protect citizens but to protect accused criminals from vigilante action…and that cops still operate on this motive…which throws TO PROTECT AND SERVE in a whole new light.

  7. When it comes to the point that our state is failing us, it begs to signify that we are failing the state and that it is time, as citizens, to shoot back at these street trash Nazi enemies in self defense, as overseers, Last-Man-Standing, paying owners of the state.

  8. Only a matter of time before one of these encounters goes hot, which is what the government is waiting for to enact a whole bunch of gun control laws.

  9. Blm and antifa goons are effectively part of the government. They are the Brownshirts of the 1930s in Germany.

    We’re living in the Weimar Republic, and we’re getting closer and closer to 1934.

  10. KatieDaviscourt on Twitter has a batch of videos from an invasion of TikTocker BLM types into Alki Beach in Seattle last night. I used to live there in the 90’s. There were street thugs everywhere swarming the beach, street and disrespecting police and property.

    No way in h*ll this liberal progressive mindset is the way to go…but hey, no more mean Tweets.

  11. Illustr8r

    I’ve posted this here before. You can read reports all over the internet that BLM and Antifa have been training all winter and have been given marching orders to venture into conservative suburbia. I have confirmed DHS is warning PD’s and Sheriffs departments of exactly this. They will get their asses shot off. Nobodies putting up with this shit except Portland and Seattle residents on the west coast. An our LE will support us.

  12. @Brad I went to the WestSeattkeBlog to read comments from the locals. They are going to write letters to their rep on the Seattle City Council 😆! Half of the posts were upset the hooligans didn’t have masks on. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Then a bunch tried to say they cruised Alki Beach back in the day too, let kids be kids. Come on, man!

    Nope, it’s not the Seattle it used to be. The Left ruins everything.

  13. @Toenex When I lived there, people cruised slowly down Alki in nice restored cars or brand new ones. Showing off-I’d imagine like guys did in the 50’s and 60’s. Sure some loud engines but not crazy crazy.

    It’s de-evolved to fast street racing, fights and idiots doing burnouts at intersections.

  14. Illustr8r,
    Oh noes, the upset are going to write letters of upset to the city council! Wow! That will get those meanies out of there! (/s)

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