If Trump lied about 9/11 celebrations in NJ, why did WaPo report in 2001 that it happened? – IOTW Report

If Trump lied about 9/11 celebrations in NJ, why did WaPo report in 2001 that it happened?


CFP: You’ve probably heard today some variation the idea that “fact checkers are shredding Donald Trump’s story” about having seen people in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. This is one of these stories that liberals claim has been “debunked” because a conservative says it happened and they can’t independently confirm it.

It must be a lie!

Or, maybe, possibly, these liberal “fact checkers” are just not very good at their jobs. Powerline Blog’s Hindraker noted that after the dinosaur media announced their inability to confirm Trump’s tale, he thought he’d give it a go:

So NPR, the New York Times and the Associated Press searched contemporaneous news accounts and could find no evidence of Muslim-Americans cheering in Jersey City. That’s odd. Because it took me less than two minutes to find this story from the Washington Post dated September 18, 2001 . . .

If you want to read the entire Post story, you can do so here. You can quibble if you want with the details of Trump’s recollection – whether there were really “thousands” or a much smaller number, but as Rob pointed out earlier when we were talking instead of working, if that’s what your quibble comes down to, you haven’t exactly caught Trump in the yuuuuuuuge lie that the media’s headlines would imply. more

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  1. Simply put….the left rely heavily on the fact that most of the underlings that slurp up everything they put out either don’t have the ability to fact check things themselves ( lack of opposable thumbs or the I.Q. of a piece of balsa wood) or they just enjoy the Kool-Aid.

  2. Cartoon boy left out a frame.

    The one where he says he will throw his deceased jihadi brother into the pit of #2 , after he returns from cashing his welfare check.

  3. Maybe not “thousands on the roof top’s” but millions under roof tops and in the street around the world and probably 100,000 in the USA privately rejoicing.

  4. This is a serious problem with the Internet.
    Those in power can change the past far easier than Stalin could.
    I remember the celebrations here in CA, specifically Sanfagdisco.
    It was covered by the news at the time, but I can’t find any evidence of it on line.

  5. The lying socialists would lie about the lies they tell about non-socialists?

    I’m shocked!
    Shocked, I tell you!

  6. There Are None So Blind
    As Those Who Will Not See

  7. I saw those celebrations on TV, too, though I can’t recall where they were or what stations they were on. I thought there were images of celebrations from all over America – Dearborn, somewhere in Texas … can’t really remember.

  8. The media knows it happened. They made the mistake of talking about them
    In a fit of patriotism then realized they screwed up.

  9. They were standing on roof tops (cheering) in Jersey City and other unreported places in NJ.


  10. Ha! I’m sure all of Trinity were celebrating — probably held a special mass with the all-boy choir, too.

    So, Trump has called this out on the muslims and ISIS for the primary, right? Do you think he’ll make the same statement in the GE about progtards. There were plenty of those American neo-marxists partying hard that day, too.

  11. …like Ward Churchill and his acolytes, just to name one.

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