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If You Have Already Seen This, Watch It Again

This video of Rep. Clay Higgins R- Louisiana at a recent hearing really makes an important point. 

h/t JDHasty

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  1. Rep. Clay Higgins R- Louisiana is a great American! We need to replace the RINOs and coomiecrats with more like him.

  2. Police Chiefs are appointed to serve and protect the state. He wouldn’t be the Chief if he responded any other way.

  3. Well this man is bringing some thunder, I’m going to check him out.

    The camel’s nose got under the tent not in the 60s with requiring serial #s but in 1934 when TPTB made hysterical claims about gangsters everywhere using machine guns and got the NFA passed.

    Until that time, you could walk into a hardware or gun store and buy any kind of weapon including full autos, even a BAR if they had one(wow imagine that) and walk out with no more paper than a receipt.

    Shall not infringe? Please, now your neighbor, pissed at you for your barking dog or no lids on your garbage containers can drop a dime on you? And scum like this police chief is chomping at the bit to act on it? Huge potential for problems here.

    It’s almost as if…nah, they wouldn’t do that…

  4. This guy is awesome. Do you know who else took an oath to defend our Constitution. All those damn FBI peeps that showed up at Trumps residence.
    My first pistol was a Ruger Single Six my dad bought for me when I turned 10. We picked it up at a hardware store. Carried it out. Still have it.

  5. My brother and I learned to shoot with
    a Ruger single 6. We would go to the county
    dump on Sunday afternoon in a ’48 Chevy.Dad
    would get a ‘few” Country Club malt liquors.
    Bubba and I got 16 oz. Nehi strawberry sodas
    and a giant bag of BBQ chips. That was the keep quiet
    bribe because Mamma did not allow those things!
    The gun is still in my brother’s safe today.

  6. My father walked into a Montgomery Wards and bought a .22 bolt action rifle for $13 when he was 13.

    He gave it to me when I was 11, I still have that rifle. Cut my teeth on that rifle. Hit everything I aimed at.

  7. I think you guys bring up an important point, that being that guns can be family heirlooms as well as being an important part of a family story. Handed down from father to son to grandson, etc these can be difficult if not impossible to put a value on especially if they are well taken care of and responsibly stored.

  8. And, dollars to doughnuts, that LEO commissioner neither listened to nor cared about ONE word the gentleman said. Needless to say – but I’ll write it anyway – these are nasty nasty times!

  9. So if they pass this phony law, we can take guns away from anyone, police, FEDS just by a phone call. I call BS.

  10. What an awesome speech. Thank God for Rep. Clay Higgins. Great men of integrity are driven to fight the good fight. To our detriment as a country, common sense and facts are lost on power hungry totalitarian tools like that police commissioner. There are too many willing to serve the Deep State.

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