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Ifill Tower of (P) BS – Another Gwen Ifill Tweet Has Surfaced


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  1. New York Times | Washington Post
    “Washington Week” host Gwen Ifill was with the New York Times when Don Imus allegedly said, “Isn’t The Times wonderful. It lets the cleaning lady cover the White House.” Ifill writes on the Times op-ed page: “I haven’t talked about this much. I’m a big girl. I have a platform. I have a voice. I’ve been working in journalism long enough that there is little danger that a radio D.J.’s juvenile slap will define or scar me. Yesterday, he began telling people he never actually called me a cleaning lady. Whatever.”

  2. Is that real? If so, Gwen Ifill needs to be fired!

  3. She left out the portion of the tweet about Obama nuking all the Jews that walk around the Upper West Side of Manhattan carrying their “I Support PBS” gift bags. The American liberal Jew is so easily hated.

  4. Bogus.but probably something she has considered.

  5. Her actual tweet was, “Take that, Bibi!” so the meaning is, unfortunately, the same.

  6. To be fair, I don’t think she starts out as an anti-semite. It’s just that her islamic champion, Obama wants Israel destroyed for his muslim brothers, so that becomes her cause, too.

  7. Twit, jerk, unintelligent asshole….take your pick, she fits the bill.

  8. Trump will get the Jewish vote in 2016.

    They love him.
    It will also help him win Florida.

  9. Never fear, have created a Golem and Ifill is one of many on its list.

  10. What makes me support Trump is I know he’ll fill his admin with an incredibly no-nonsense staff. The kind of people that will say FU to the RINOs and Demfucks in Congress. Trump will also have a phone and a pen. Obama was precedent. Dems have no counter argument.

  11. I’m not able to find this anywhere else on the net. Has somebody been busy with his Photoshop software?

    Um, that’s all we do here. – Irony

  12. On the off chance that this is also IronyDome under a different name, we miss you over at EoZ. Terribly 🙁

  13. PBS? Gwen Awful? DeMSM Report?
    Haven’t watched for years. She is an irrelevancy to me.

  14. I’d say more easily fooled. You have to remember that a lot of the immigrants that came in from Europe were Jews fleeing pogroms in Russia and other east European countries and they had a decidedly leftist bend. Some of the brightest ones were downright socialists. This attitude was passed on down to their kids and to their kids etc even while they were working hard to improve their lives and the lives and futures of their kids and of the country. For quite some time (perhaps even now) the thing to do was to send your kids for a year or a summer on a kibbutz in Israel to remind them of their Jewish roots. All it did was help show how well collectivism worked. Now all too many of them are willing to listen to the drivel coming out of PBS, NPR or damn near any Democrat and believe the crap. Too damn bad really.

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