Illinois 24 hours away from government shutdown

The Land of Lincoln may very soon be the land of lights out.

MarathonPundit: The gerrymandered Democratic-controlled Illinois General Assembly passed an unconstitutional budget that is at least $4 billion short of funds, which Republican reform governor Bruce Rauner vetoed. During the twelve years that the Democrats controlled the governor’s mansion and both chambers of the General Assembly, Illinois’ spending spiraled out of control and the state’s public-worker pension system exceeded $110 billion in unfunded obligations.  MORE

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  1. When the Illinois State Government shuts down and they empty out the Capitol Building they will then have free space to put the B. Hussein Obama Pervert Library for ‘Haters, Race Baiters and Traitors’. They can pound the African Drums and invite the Right Honorable Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to give the dedicatory
    rant! They can then raise the pansy hued flag of the Sodomites!

  2. Oh nos! I better be getting my ebt’s and suppiments on time!

    What time it be? Gettin ma moneys on befo they be payin crackers! Fo sho!

  3. If the worthless Illinois bureaucrats stay home, I won’t notice any difference at all, except perhaps that none of them will be screwing with me that day. They’re all a bunch of parasites.

  4. Shut down the government?

    Does that mean that the state senators, state representatives, employee unions, county, and local employees won’t be able to steal from the taxpayers till it’s up and running again?

    Oh, the humanity! Rahm and his ilk will have to rob businesses the old fashioned way!

  5. Wow a whole $110 billion in unfunded liabilities!!! And they don’t even have a high speed train to nowhere!

    California has a combined unfunded obligation of over $700 billion, between CalPers, CalStrs and general obligation bonds they cannot pay off. No, they just keep rolling them over, and over and over. Illinois ain’t got nuffin on our Left Coast commies.

  6. MJA, leave out Oakland; I’ve got a son, d-i-l and two grandsons there. Riots in LA will be sufficient education for them TYVM.


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