Illinois: America’s first reparations experiment crashes and burns as recipients demand more

WND: What could go wrong?

Evanston, Illinois, could be the first city in the United States to give reparations to its black residents. The reasoning behind it, according to Newsweek, is that it’s a way to make amends for the city’s past redlining policies, along with other housing discrimination initiatives that existed until about a half-century ago. According to NBC News, Evanston passed a fair housing ordinance in 1969.

The plan is this: If you were a black resident of Evanston between 1919 and 1969, or can claim your parents or grandparents were, you could be eligible to receive a $25,000 grant toward an element of home ownership — either receiving money to purchase a house, pay your mortgage or make home improvements.

This is the first phase of a $10 million reparations plan put in place by the Chicago suburb to be paid for with a 3 percent tax on marijuana sales. The initial grants will come from a $400,000 pool.

“I thought that we, as a city, might localize a reparative policy to empower the black community and help rebuild wealth that had been stripped away due to predatory practices and other anti-black practices,” Robin Rue Simmons, the Evanston alderwoman behind the initiative, told Newsweek. read more

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  1. Besides the pot tax, they should put a tax on crack sales. Which means these drug-addled cretins would basically be funding their own reparation checks.

  2. okay its probably racist because everything else is. Give them a ticket to wherever the hell they want to go out the country and never let them back in.

  3. If you can’t verify who someone is in order to vote, how can you verify who lived in your city between 1919 and 1969?

    Well, I would have lived there but you kept us from buying a home.

    Literally every black person in the country could make a claim. How many kids from a grandparent ended up living somewhere else? And what about the next generation? Or the next? Why this particular generation and why should someone who immigrated to American in 1970 be on the hook to pay for this boondoggle.

    And who is going to monitor to make sure the $25,000 is going to be spent on home improvements or buying a home for someone who isn’t creditworthy?

    Prepare for a wave of fly-by-night driveway and roof contractors.

    The stupidity is mindnumbing.

    I’m assuming someone will need to sign a waiver that by taking the payment they and all successive generations forego any future lawsuits. Now that we’re visiting the alleged sins of the great-grandfathers onto the great grandsons.

  4. We have already been paying reparations via the welfare system and the so called war on poverty, the most expensive failure in history. What about affirmative action? If we pay reparations should those that benefited from affirmative action have to pay back?

  5. I didn’t make the laws and rules up, I never owned a slave, why should I be paying?? Take the money from the politicians pockets, not mine.

  6. My Scottish ancestors were mistreated by the English. I want reparations in the form 99.9% pure silver bars. I’ll settle for $500,000. worth.

  7. I am Irish-German on one side – I don’t know about the other – but I damn sure know that the government owes me something for some injustice that my family incurred at some point in its lineage. I’m a poor white man and I demand compensation!! Who’s with me?

  8. When are reperations going to be paid to all the legal immigrants and their descendents who paid to come here, and did it legally? Since we have pardoned and amnestyed all the free loading illegal immigrants?

  9. @Diogenes – well clearly Meghan Markle does, despite being only 25% and growing up in Hollywood.
    I think anyone who gets aggressive about it can be black; example Rachel Dolezal.

  10. There is no end to reparations. No amount will be enough. Not only are reparations owed to the present generations, they are owed to the past generations, and will be to future generations.

    Check-out Thomas Sowell’s You-tube video on slavery.

  11. Interesting. Illinois is going to be a number one seed in the NCAA basketball tournament and there ain;t one player that ever had white piveledge except for Ditka

  12. Hell, I’M a black resident of Evanston in 1869! 😜

    I’m not gonna let being born in the 1960’s, and being white, & living in Pittsburgh the last 19 years, dictate MY “identity!!!” 🤪

    FORK OVER muh money!!! 🙄

  13. You mean since LBJ we haven’t given them enough money? The Native Americans got wayyyyyyy more screwed over then these lazy, entitlement minded thugs, and nobody sees them screaming for free stuff.

  14. If you think about it, all this reparations and grievance BS starts at the Federal Income Tax.

    Yes it does ! Because if you’re ok with government TAKING from some in order to give to others, then where can you draw ANY line without pissing off the next up for free shit??

    Charity is very different, it’s VOLUNTARY. And the giver chooses how much and to whom is given. Not a self-anointed third party.

    Republicans, Democrats, church leaders, etc, et al are nothing but thieving hustlers if they are ok with what America has done since FDR.
    Might as well have a ‘benevolent’ King (“God CHOSE me to rule you people”). A completely corrupt anonymous Bureaucracy is the worst to handle ‘other peoples’ money.

    So arriving at “Reparations” is no surprise at all.


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