Illinois House approves measure to replace armed school guards with mental health professionals

American Thinker- The Illinois House of Representatives has approved a measure that would replace armed police officers in schools with mental health professionals.

The Hill:

The Democratic-led Illinois House voted 64-25 in favor of setting up a grant program that would reward schools for hiring social workers, according to the Associated Press.

Though the language of the measure originally withheld funding from schools who hired armed security officers, lawmakers nixed that provision after opposition from police, the AP reported.

The plan will now head to the state Senate for a vote.  more here

22 Comments on Illinois House approves measure to replace armed school guards with mental health professionals

  1. Any way to extort money from the taxpayers to funnel to their sycophants.
    A bunch of fat women with Sociology degrees sitting on their wide asses doing nothing for great deals of money and public pensions.

    Same old, same old.

    The stupid fukkin taxpayers will take it up the ass, again, with nary a whimper.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Send a few platoons into Chicago’s southside, they’ll clean up the carnage in nothing flat. Murderous thugs just need someone to understand them.

  3. I gather the “mental health professionals” are the first line of defense against an active shooter and will be present in the same room with an active shooter for the students to hide behind, like a barricade.

    Otherwise, I don’t see the point.

  4. So obviously we need to get our share of the spotlight. Why should we allow all the other places that have screwed up so badly to get all the attention and press? We can screw things up just as much if not more. It’s time that the nation see us for our liberal solutions that have actually exceeded Comifornia.


    Well, I gotta go cut the lawns now. First cut of the season and then on to the Norco…

  5. This would be great if they also publicly identified minors with mental problems. This way, when they turn 18, everyone including the state police, FBI, ATF, etc. know the kid cannot purchase firearms.

  6. Great! Jobs for those worthless psychology majors. Need to pay off that $100K for that worthless degree.

  7. Just what we need a new bunch of Ritalin dispensers. Turn the poor kids, especially boys into zombies because they can’t sit still, are supposedly disruptive and are probably bored out of their skulls because they hate school. We don’t need a bunch of stinking shrinks guarding kids into thinking they’re safe when they’re not. Just another case of the inmates running the asylum.

  8. Why does it have to be one or the other? Psychologists identifying potentially dangerous kids, fine. Armed guards to provide protection, better.

  9. Ah…. The creation of another “Special ” group.
    Easy to document and track thru Medical records.

  10. yes!!!! because bullied drugged up students hell bent on getting revenge from classmates will always stand down when confronted by a fat ass psychology major during their fit of rampage.

  11. Are these clowns expecting a social worker to talk down a gunman?
    Add “liberal intelligence” to the oxymoron list.

  12. This is a pathetic “solution” to protect students,
    unless these professionals are also armed and qualified at the pistol range.

  13. Dollars to donuts…
    They will unionize before the ink on the contract is dry and their perks demands will be met w/o debate.

  14. When there is an armed intruder in the school it’s too late for mental health intervention.

  15. This is kind of ironic because it is so insane. If it makes no sense, then full speed ahead. We need laws to protect us from the so called ruling elite. But they are to busy passing laws to protect themselves from we the people. There has to be a show down at some point with our gov. agencies and the citizens. Politicians are a collection of fooken lunatics that are vicious, cruel and greedy. To put it mildly. Wow! Bring a mental health professional to a gun fight. And they call us stupid.

  16. @mickey moussaoui
    Illinois is a “Fair Share” State, you don’t have to join the Union but they’ll still force you to pay dues through automatic deduction, direct deposited in the Union’s coffers.

    The Illinois democratic socialists and republicrats love progressive issues. You don’t have to solve problems, just look like you’re doing something to placate the voters.

  17. More proof that when POTUS said in the ’82 SOTU, “The government will never solve our problems …. THE GOVERNMENT IS OUR PROBLEM!” HE WAS RIGHT; AND STILL IS RIGHT.
    Governments all over America continue to hurt Americans.


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