I’m Finding it Difficult to Believe This is Not Staged – IOTW Report

I’m Finding it Difficult to Believe This is Not Staged

“Pay attention to fear and not logic!”

Baldy mega-triggered over MAGA hat —

ht/ jd hasty

17 Comments on I’m Finding it Difficult to Believe This is Not Staged

  1. 700K persons going to see aliens at area 51 now feel cheated by this discovery….

  2. Her ignorance, intolerance, and the fact that she can vote absolutely terrifies me, now we are even.

  3. Well there you have it folks! This, including the “infinity” tattoo on her bald head. Brainwashed! But I will give her points for no assault and no screaming. And she was half-listening to opposing points. I rate her a 7.5 on the brainwashed scale. I think they “placed a pebble in her shoe”. And if she is still alive in 15 years, she will be on our side.

  4. Her shaved head and awful tattoos terrify me. They terrify me in that so many people will do that to themselves.
    Statism thrives upon the emotions of the easily lead.

  5. I’m not terrified by those weirdos. No conservative should be. Like cockroaches, they evoke disgust, but not fear.

  6. Tell the bitch that plenty of people are scared of deranged lesbos, too. So she needs to gtfo of the country with those other cunts.

  7. I’m with you Fur. This just seems a little too easy.

    At least I am hoping it’s staged, because we’ve got serious, SERIOUS problems if there’s gals like her spouting such idiocy and expecting to be taken seriously. Oy.

  8. Sorry, but I’m not responsible for her irrational fears. When she has cause to be afraid of me, she will definitely know the reason.

  9. People like her are chaff.
    They have intrinsic value as a person, and I bet she is probably a kind person.
    But they have no agency for themselves. They have good intentions, but they are blown about on the winds of circumstance.
    If any disaster hit she would need to be taken care of.

  10. Boo frickin hooo pathetic loser. Wanna know what fear is? Ask an 18 year old female recruit getting off the bus on day 1 at Marine Corps Basic Training who has the courage to dedicate her life to making sure ungrateful piles of shit like you have the freedom to make fools out of yourselves. Worthless cry baby commie luvin’ crunt.

  11. For 7 bucks, I’d have put the hat on her head. Since she’s afraid of it, there would have been no need to add a spider.

    …And awaaaay we go!

    When I was born in ’54 she would
    have been placed in an asylum,poor thing.

  13. ^and because of that ^^ we now have Free Range Idiots.

  14. Staged! She left with her teeth,,,
    let’s all hope for no children from this one,,,

  15. does she work for “V’Ger” and have a robot voice?


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