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I’m In with the In Crowd


The signs are everywhere. The nation’s youth are waking up to the fact that the Democratic left – with its preening, humorless self-righteousness, its relentless judgmentalism, its mask-wearing Hamas-cheering campus-trashing college crybabies, its hypocritical pampered elites, and its octogenarian president who thinks he can buy young people off with abortions, dope, and bailouts – is totally uncool. More

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  1. food, shelter and water. sure biden bought off the college crowd with school loan debt relief. surprise! still cannot make it? it is human to look elsewhere. i believe the young people of today have been given the reality check of survival and success of what it takes in america. the government will not make you wealthy but poor. the government will not make you healthy but sick. the government will not make you happy but sad. youngsters are simply looking at the path of their older peers and how to accumulate wealth. with the government transferring all the wealth it can from the working class and seniors, there will not be much left to inherit once taxes, government healthcare, utilitys, cost of living. . . . all take their cut. i have explained this to my youngster early on so he knows right from the git to vote appropriately. its a matter of survival.


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