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I’m Starting To Think Barron Trump is a Genius

Barron was met with cheers at his dad’s political rally in Florida.

The clip still worried me because he seems to be a bit “off.”

Of course, there were always the rumors that he was autistic. And finding a clip of him talking is harder than finding a clip of me not talking.

I went on a quest to find something, anything.

I discovered a clip I never knew existed. It’s short, with hardly anything to it. But upon viewing it, I am confident that this guy is acting and playing up the angle that he is “special.”

There is nothing wrong with the guy. In fact, in this quick clip, everything changes.

You’ll see what I mean.

In it, he says, “Impressed with this?” as he shakes a friend’s hand. He doesn’t seem awkward. He seems the complete opposite.

17 Comments on I’m Starting To Think Barron Trump is a Genius

  1. Barron may be a world changer in an excellent way. He’s charismatic, handsome, smart and physically dynamic, in particular because he’s so tall. That draws a lot of attention.

    When he does finally speak in public, his message will likely be passionate, focused and inspiring. It should have a positive effect on generations – Z and Alpha in particular, encouraging many to be more civic minded. Barron’s going to have a great future, that can reflect on his father’s awesome legacy.

  2. Well for me personally, I’m so concerned about what we are currently facing, Barron is the last thing I’m thinking about. I’m sure he’s a fine young man. Now let’s figure out how to save traditional America.

  3. And as fine a young man as Barron appears to be, he won’t have any clout until he’s 30-35 years old. By then our country could easily be so lost there’s coming back. We need world changers today.

  4. If Baron is on the stump with his folks, the Dems can kiss the young female vote adios. Forget the Prince of Camelot, there’s a new boy in town. Heck, he’ll probably even get the French girls’ votes (one of his fluent languages).


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