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IMF Warns Biden Administration to Control Spending


The International Monetary Fund last week ripped the Biden administration’s out of control spending, calling it “out of line with what is needed for long-term fiscal stability.”

According to the New York Post, the IMF, an international organization aimed at fighting financial crises across the globe, warned that ever-growing national debt in the U.S. poses a long-term risk to the global economy.

“Something will have to give,” the IMF cautioned in foreword of the World Economic Forecast published on Tuesday. More

16 Comments on IMF Warns Biden Administration to Control Spending

  1. When a leftist socialist administration gets whipped by the IMF about spending too much money and having too much debt, the state of financial affairs must be in dire straits.

    I’m just not sure that the IMF, probably in bed with the WEF, would really care. It means the destitution and destructions of millions of Americans and others. Billions less people is what globalists are after. Jane Goodall the Ape Woman, speaking for the WEF, was very clear about that.

    So, I expect the WEF to kick the IMF in the ass and demand it gets back in the groove of global warming hysteria and the goal of murdering millions.

  2. I am one of “The Old Ones” who listened to my grandparents and parents regarding the Great Depression. We know what’s coming. But this one will be far worse mainly because it will have MANY causes, not just financial.

  3. General Malaise

    Me too. The middle class is still relatively comfortable. New car sales are headed down. Home sales have slowed. But when it goes bad it’ll happen fast. Watch for more “De Banking”. Pretty funny stuff.

  4. No worries, spend it all, digitize up some more. Money is a social construct, like gender. So, I identify as having an effing ess ton of money, see? Social construct. Dig it. But get busy cooking up more of it, we all need more of it.

    Fiat. Fiat is the shizzle it be da bomb. Make much as you want if it. Make more, you over credentialed moron stooges. The big brains wear me out.

  5. Globalists, both on the right and the left, have been plotting the collapse of the global economy for decades. They want a global currency and a planned, centralized economy, so what exists now must be destroyed before it can be replaced with their warped utopian nightmare.

    Maybe they really want that and maybe they don’t, but more importantly, it justifies runaway spending — now. You can’t spend like there’s no tomorrow unless there is a real possibility of there being no tomorrow.

    Our betters are making sure that they will not suffer any loss of lifestyle, now, when the crash comes, during the chaos of transition or in the new regime.

    It’s so close they can taste it, but they see the backlash starting and they are panicking. A world war with some nuclear exchanges might be just what they need.

  6. “Fiat. Fiat is the shizzle it be da bomb. Make much as you want if it. Make more, you over credentialed moron stooges. The big brains wear me out.” -Walter

    In the history of the Universe, I’ll bet those particular words have never been uttered in that order. I wonder if you made God laugh.

    (As for me, I now have to clean up little drops of coffee on my monitor.)


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