In Case You Haven’t Noticed, We’re Losing The Unspoken Cold War With China – IOTW Report

In Case You Haven’t Noticed, We’re Losing The Unspoken Cold War With China

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By contrast, the Chinese communists are eating our lunch by building the world’s largest navy, advancing next-generation technologies, and promoting unity and strength among their rank and file. The latest example of their advancement has left US officials dumbfounded, after the Chinese military launched a nuclear-capable hypersonic glider that orbited the earth and then descended into its target area. More

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  1. This goes all the way back to the Clinton’s, the shit they acquired didn’t just happen overnight.

    The CCP has been stealing our military secrets for years and the political elites in Washington have been bought and paid. 🤑

    Bush your not innocent in any of this either asshole. 🤬

  2. Our military is going off in a really bizarre direction.

    I wonder if it’s a plan to deliberately weaken the armed forces in order to have a believable excuse for not helping Taiwan. It could be a signal directed to Taiwan to expect no help from us.

    Gen. Twitty; If we promote the fags, let trans people in, get females in the front lines, pay for sex-change operations, kick out anyone who refuses the vaccine, pull out of Afghanistan and leave our allies hanging, and court-martial anyone who complains, I think the Taiwanese will understand the new reality: sorry, we don’t have the capability to help you…you guys are on your own.

  3. Cold war my ass! They sent us this virus, make all our shit, and our government paid and forced people to stay home. Now we have to pay more for whatever scraps we’re being sent, and the real workers are quitting because they are being forced to get a jab and not build or transport needed goods. What could go wrong? Fuck Joe Biden

  4. Not all that glitters is gold. China has a host of issues ranging from a stalled growth in population, economic woes including blackouts, and a navy that may be getting bigger but is largely untested. Do we need to keep an eye on them and probalby get rid of every CCP-member who works or studies at our research universities? Yes. But I like my chances with the US Navy

  5. @stop2think

    A couple of years ago, when I was working on an advanced degree, I had access to a site which had thousands of research papers and dissertations. I noticed the tech ones were mostly authored by Chinese persons or, to a lesser extent mid-eastern people. Westerners and Americans counted for comparatively few tech papers. But we were over represented in areas like psychology and sociology, women’s studies, race studies, and assorted other academic crap.

    The Chinese are eating our lunch.

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