In “Star Trek: Discovery” Klingons = Trump Voters

The Klingons, in the latest iteration of the Star Trek franchise “Star Trek:Discovery,” are said to be racist and isolationist, in other words, an allegory for all those people who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.


We all know who had the last laugh last November.




20 Comments on In “Star Trek: Discovery” Klingons = Trump Voters

  1. Klingons? seems they would be the hillery supporters.
    We are the Trumpulons and we rule the Universe…..or at least live rent free in the small minds of the Demorons.

  2. So, we are like a fictional space faring race that values their word and their Honor more than life itself. A race where traditions have a place of respect in the public square and monuments to our past warriors are not just left alone but taught to the next generation. A race where both male and female not only know who they are ,but will fight to the death to prove it. I could go on,but considering that it’s a toss up between the Feringi or the Borg to describe Democrats I,for one, am quite happy in the Kilngon empire. Kap’pla

  3. In real life Liberal leftist = cling-ons which is another term for dingleberries– little pieces of turds which have dried around a butt hair after a typically half hearted wipe using only two sheets of TP. And their favorite candy is Reeses Feces

  4. Rush talked about the new season of American horror story where the bad guy is a trump supporter with cheeto’s and saying god bless America. The good guys are having a melt down that trump won. The guy who directed this is gay so of course it’s crammed full of deprivation sex scenes. Have fun Hollywood.

  5. “Discovery” Star Trek panders to the lunatic left. It’s a millennial crap chute soon to be cancelled. Klingons were always my favorite adversaries of the Star Trek francise, because the had heart, passion, loyalty. The female captain in this version has to be rescued so often her name should be, Victimina. The role Hellary plays every day.

  6. You know, one time I had Roddenberry over at a party. Nice guy, ex-cop, a little grabby with the hands on some women but hey. Anyway, we got to talking and all I can tell you, folks, and I mean this, never in twelve parsecs woul Gene have made the Chink that drove the ship a fag. No way. Now this whole Doctor Who thing? That’s gay. The guy lives in a blue closet for crying out loud.


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