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In Your Face, Eric Holder!

Yesterday was voting day for Wisconsin’s spring elections. While most races were local affairs (the incumbent chair and board members in my township got wiped out) there was a seat up for grabs on the state supreme court. The open position was important enough to liberals that Obama’s former attorney general Eric Holder has been haunting the state for a month now. More

Well, the results are in this morning and it looks like unless the dems can cheat their on to the bench in a recount, state conservatives have given themselves a two seat majority on Wisconsin’s high court. More

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  1. If only the Demtards could have gotten a few more miles out of the ‘up coming Muller Report’.

    They rode that horse harder than Rooster Cogburn rode Little Blacky at the end of True Grit (I’m 50 and I still have to fast forward over that part, sniff, sniff).

    All they have left is a Scarlet O’Hara moment where they are whipping a dead horse which lakes the drama of Rooster’s ride through the night but I think that is due to the fact that Scarlet is a contemptible person. A spoiled person who never worked hard for her wealth and held power through the promise of sex & or money and when striped of the power she will whip a poor animal to death before she decides it’s time to get out and walk.

    Either way Bwahahahaaha to Eric and his efforts.

  2. …doesn’t matter, they’ll flip the judge or kill him. Just like they flipped Roberts and killed Scalia.

    …if they can do that to Supreme Court justices, Wisconsin ones ain’t gonna scare them…

  3. Al Franken didn’t win on the first count either.

    Find out which of the liberal candidates has already ordered new stationary and you’ll know who has the pre-pepared ‘found’ ballots.

  4. Looking at it fundamentally, election crime = treason.

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
    John Adams


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