Incident At the Post Office

I’ve had another incident. Readers should remember my Incident At Walmart post, where a group of Spanish speaking guys got in the express lane with 50 items and pretty much told everyone to suck a taco.

This latest incident took place at the Post Office.

I don’t snail mail too often, if I do it’s to mail parcels, so consequently, I don’t have stamps lying around. Today I had to mail an urgent letter. When I arrived there were 2 postal employees serving a line of about 18 people.

Exasperated, I went to the automatic kiosk and stood behind a guy who was letting his whiny 2 year-old push the buttons on the screen with his drooly germ-covered fingers. After ten minutes of this it was my turn. I clicked through screen after screen, navigating around disgusting smudge marks, only to be asked if the envelope I had was large enough for the label they were going to print out. Only the government could offer a label that is larger than an envelope that you’d use with a 49 cent stamp. Jerks.

When I went back to the line it had 24 people on it.

Just as I made my “and people want to hand their healthcare over to this kind of efficiency” face, a man glanced over at me. I noticed he was putting stamps in his wallet.

I stopped him and took a shot.

“Sir, I’ll give you a dollar for one of your stamps.”

The man chuckled and took the stamps back out of his wallet. He said, in a Spanish accent, you don’t have to give me a dollar. Here, just take the stamp.”

I said, “no, I insist.”

He refused again.

I said, “give it to the church,” (realizing that in 2015 this could be “offensive.”)

He took the dollar, gave me a smile and the history of him and I was over. Nice guy.

After I mailed the letter I went outside and saw him getting into his car.

I should have known.

What was flying from sticks on either side of his car?

Old Glory.

Two United States flags.

What’s the moral of this story? I don’t know. I need someone with objectivity to tell me why I felt the need to follow up the previous “incident” post with this one.

There’s a point here, I’m sure.

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  1. we’re all looking for that hope in a sea of discouragement

    my next door neighbors are hispanic and old glory goes up every day, bar none

    they love the us, hate illegal immigration, don’t represent the leftist narrative

    i like being in a good mood

  2. Perhaps because being inspired seems like a dying art form. But that sounds like that was a divine appointment for you.

  3. I come here first thing in the morning….and many times during the day for new stories and comments.

    i admit….sometimes it gets damn depressing to read about crap happening and some days it seems there is no end in sight.

    however, this story makes up for a lot of bad.

    thank you

  4. Maybe there’s a difference, you say Spanish but that covers a wide range, especially in Florida. In the end you really have to interact before you make a final judgement, but it’s good to use past experiences as an initial gauge.

  5. There are good patriotic Americans from different backgrounds and of different colors. It’s just hard to find them sometimes.

  6. You had a small moment when you realized everything about being here, today, doesn’t suck.

    Mark the day. They are rare.

  7. Nah….just buy stamps at the 7/11 next to the gun store where you can buy more ammo…then you have stamps and more ammo….and maybe a slurpee…

  8. “There’s one in every crowd” is a double edged sword. Sometimes it means a good one.

    One bad apple may spoil the cart, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to eat.

    H = I – R Happiness equals image minus reality. (Dennis Prager) Sometimes, the image is negative and reality is a positive.

    For every rule, there’s an exception.

    To answer more directly, the moral of the story is that we all need to see some light in a dark and dreary world. Evil knows no bounds, making the candle in the hurricane all the more valuable.

  9. My cousin is married to a guy whose parents are from Mexico. He hates illegal aliens more than any person I have ever met. I had a boss, back in the 1980’s, who was black, he hated everything Jesse Jackson stands for.

  10. Did you wash the drooly, boogery, germ-laden saliva from your hands after using that machine?! Lol!!

  11. Moral of the story: People are individuals, not any particular race or religion. If more people realized that, there would be less hatred and bloodshed in the world.

    OK, maybe not less, but at least it would be directed at the proper targets – i.e., particular assholes of any color or persuasion


  12. I carry two pairs of latex gloves in my pocket for these situations.
    I don’t mind people; unless they are near me.

  13. I’ve moved to a small town in w Texas-we’re one of two gringo families on the block, everyone else is latino or tejano-they are some of the best neighbors I’ve ever had. American flags fly, they are armed and most seem to work. I have yet to see a Hillary sticker but see lots of Carson and Trump in town.

    I expected wild times on weekends but except for the occasional Cowboys party, it’s early to bed for just about all of us.

    Interactions with strangers at the grocery or PO can turn into real chat festivals-it’s pretty damn cool.

    Now of course I’ve found most everyone here in the surrounding cities like Midland, Lubbock, Big Spring to be very friendly.

    If I could only snowboard…

  14. I ship things fairly often.
    Our wonderful, smart-power Post Office will charge you more for a six ounce box than a SIX POUND box depending on the flat rate and the zip code.

    The shit needs to be burned to the ground and started over.

  15. Never fear, God knows when we need a pick up. I had a similar incident at the USPS office. A young army wife had forgotten her debit card in the car. She was sending a pack off to her spouse. In a split second, the woman in front of me (a young black woman) offered to pay for her pack. She didn’t want her to have to wait in line and felt that it was the right thing to do as this wife was seemingly embarrassed by not having the card when the wait line was out the door. It felt good to watch this as the day had been filled with utter nonsense.

  16. Was there a bumper sticker that said “My Son Is A US Marine”? I’ve run into more then one Bracero that turned super patriot when one of their kids became a US soldier.

  17. This sort of behavior is not to be tolerated and needs stamping out. Selling government property for profit is illegal! He needs to be reported to the Department of Homeland Safetyness for corrective training.

  18. I think we’re all being sent a sign.
    About a week ago I was in Home Depot. I only ran in to get 2 bottles of weed spray. My plan was in and out of the store in 3 minutes flat. When I got up to the only register open there was just one person ahead of me. But she was in her 70s and had a U-Boat filled to the brim with a ton of everything you could imagine.
    Just as I was about to shake my head and say, “It figures” she looked at me and said, “Oh, please, go ahead of me, you only have two items.”
    I could have hugged her.

  19. TEN BEARS: It’s sad that governments are chiefed by the double-tongues. There is iron in your word of death for all Comanche to see. And so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron, it must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life… or death. It shall be life.

  20. “I need someone with objectivity to tell me why I felt the need to follow up the previous “incident” post with this one.”

    For the same reason I’ll walk through a parking lot with my keyring fob in my fist, with the keys sticking out to make use of any small advantage I might need. But I’ll still stop and help a complete stranger by jump-starting their car.

    Serendipity. You were due.

  21. What kind of urgent letter is going anywhere on a .49 cent stamp? It’s going to sit in the P.O. until tomorrow, get slugged to some sorting facility where it gets sneezed on for a few more days and when there’s gas in the Jeep someone might not throw it in the creek. You’d be better off taking matters into your own hands when it comes to urgent matters.

  22. hey, I would not be surprised one damn bit if there really some fascist federal regulation against buying a postage stamp for more than it’s cost, especially inside a post office. It’s all about control.

    A perfect example is the regulation the post office has against people putting flyers, newspapers, etc into someone’s mailbox….even though the homeowner paid for the mailbox not the damned Gummint!

    BFH – be careful in your public forays over there. Never forget that you live in Port St Lucie, the PSL, the Pizzle Fo Shizzle. It’s the place where PSL and Ft Pierce election workers STOLE the rightful re-election from Colonel Allen West (R-Fla) and handed it to the Democrat Party’s fucktard-du-jour.

  23. I needed to get a check in the mail with a timestamp on it that showed I was at least in the ballpark of doing my due diligence in a bidness transaction.

    If it gets lost I can point to this blogpost!!!

  24. You’re a better judge of character than you think and you’re a fundamentally fair person, albeit with a short fuse for stupidity.

    You gave this gentleman a chance to do a good turn for a complete stranger, a lot of people would have never trusted in their fellow human beings to give a guy a break.

    I’d say it demonstrates the lack of prejudice in your make up that didn’t let the ethnic difference dictate how you treated the other gentleman, you treated him as you would anyone else.

  25. I hope you washed your hands with soap and warm water when you got back…and didn’t touch your mouth or eyes on the way home. That kid may have been sick. Otherwise, he would have been in daycare.

    Just sayin’ 🙂

  26. A couple of hours ago an elderly gentleman got stuck on the beach. I pulled him out, no big deal. That old dude pulled out his wallet and insisted he pay me. I was walking away as fast as I could coiling up my tow strap, and the old guy was chasing me with money almost falling down, so I stopped in my tracks. I told him I don’t need the money, and I told him “Give it to the Church”.

    Well, he gave me a twenty, now I need to stop by a church and hand off the money.

    There is no moral of the story other than realizing there are great people all over this world, and when you meet them, you should share the story.

  27. Well, today is Marty McFly, Back To The Future Day so if you used a USPS FOREVER stamp you may have upset the space-time continuum.
    If you drove home on the freeway and exceeded 88 MPH it is likely that a quantum Neil Degrass Tyson Flux Capacitor reached terminal velocity and FauxBombMed Clock Boy has already been inaugurated as the US President for 2016.
    Malia Obama is VP.
    Hillary, Biden, and Bernie have died of old age socialism.

    Fur, stay away from Shea Stadium is all I have to say…

  28. Never do anything with a gun that you wouldn’t otherwise do without one. If you can’t confront it, avoid it; when both fail then you need it.

  29. I don’t know why you felt the need to share the Post Office Incident, but I’m glad you did. I enjoyed both stories for several reasons:

    1. Because I felt camaraderie with you having your sense of rectitude poked in the eye over the Walmart incident;
    2. Because I am a germophobe who finds what people allow their children to do in public with their sticky, dirty fingers disgusting, so I’m glad I’m not alone (more camaraderie, I guess);
    3. And because I have a similar compulsion to be fair – to report both the good and the bad – perhaps to avoid being swallowed up by negativity. Naturally leaning toward cynicism, I feel a responsibility to notice when the dropped toast lands on the counter with the peanut butter side up, or the bumped wineglass teeters and then rights itself instead of falling over, breaking, and spilling red wine all over. Or when a fellow human being acts out of something other than purely selfish motives. It’s worth acknowledging and celebrating. Life-affirming humanity. Thanks!

  30. Great story! This incident may cancel out the negativity of the previous incident because it had a better ending.

    There is always a can of hand wipes in my truck and I use them every time I touch a door handle, shopping cart, payment keyboard, or anything else that has likely been touched by hundreds of people without being cleaned.

    *Add a little alcohol to your hand wipes in the winter to keep them from freezing up into a chunk of ice.

  31. Amarillo? Dude, I lived in the mountains in CO and was so picky, I’d only hit it with at least 8-10 inches of fresh.

  32. I just read your “incident at Walmart” from the above link. I have only one question for you…. Who the hell goes shopping at Walmart without a gun?

  33. I too, went to the post office, and a guy outside was holding a sign looking for odd jobs. When I returned, I stopped to talk, because my employer was looking for laborers. After determining he might fit, I told him where to come for employment. This is when he angrily stated that he was scamming the government for disability money ($350/mo) and didn’t want some $2500/mo job disqualifying him from this freebie!

    When I hit it off well with someone, I commonly find they are conservative.

    Obviously, this was not one of those times.

  34. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post. I’m very glad to see such great info being shared freely out there.

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