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Indian Protestors Not Happy With Moochers


While the Standing Rock protestors were probably glad “hippie” outsiders showed up to join their fight against the North Dakota Access Pipeline, the wannabe friends of the earth have worn out their welcome.


You know, we in the rest of civilization were sort of hoping you’d just keep them.

12 Comments on Indian Protestors Not Happy With Moochers

  1. Yet another example of the intentions of the left having the opposite effect because they are 180 degrees out of phase with reality. Keep it up idiots!

  2. Screw ’em. The redskins had their chance, they were invited at least 6 times for input on the pipeline when it was in the planning stages and they never showed up. Now they are whining about water issues when the pipeline isn’t going to go anywhere near tribal lands. They can keep the idiot white leftists and all of them can stew in their own shit for all I care.

  3. Anybody tell those Indians of their glorious ancient cannibal history? Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. Make it sound deep and mystical. And tell them squaws dig it. They’ll be eating occu-pie all winter.

  4. Sovereignty was the worst decision ever made in America. They should have assimilated. I wish Trump would end this b/s once and for all. Just another BLM, La Raza scam!

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