Indicted Russian Company Asks Judge To Dismiss Mueller’s ‘Make-Believe’ Charges

DC- One of the Russian companies special counsel Robert Mueller accused of interfering in the 2016 presidential election is asking a federal judge to determine if he is engaging in a sham criminal case.

Foreign interference in the presidential election is a “make-believe crime,” Concord Management and Consulting said in a court filing Monday. The company argues the case is an example of Mueller attempting to “justify his own existence” by indicting “a Russian — any Russian.”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has “rejected the history and integrity of the DOJ and instead licensed a Special Counsel who for all practical political purposes cannot be fired, to indict a case that has absolutely nothing to do with any links or coordination between any candidate and the Russian Government,” Concord wrote in the court filing.

Concord’s lawyers also petitioned the judge to review the instructions Mueller’s team gave the grand jury in securing the indictment. more

15 Comments on Indicted Russian Company Asks Judge To Dismiss Mueller’s ‘Make-Believe’ Charges

  1. if the msm doesn’t cover this development does it exist in the liberal mind ?

    although this is true it will never be accepted as a fact and will be totally ignored by the liberals.

  2. “…to indict a case that has absolutely nothing to do with any links or coordination between any candidate and the Russian Government,” Concord wrote in the court filing.”

    A strong case for dismissal except this. There are ties to Russians by the Justice Deep State and their mobilization to protect the Clinton election and, now, themselves.

  3. What was the Russian motive in all of this? I can see why Russia would want to tilt the election away from Clinton to Sanders or Stein in the primaries – both of the latter being admitted totalitarians – but between Clinton and Trump, Clinton would be the obvious favorite of the Ruskies. Trump campaigned on an “America First” campaign, while Clinton has a history of selling out the United States for cash. The Russians also knew how to control Hillary, whereas Trump was a political wild card.

    The DNC and the liberals are focusing on allegations of collusion, but I am unaware that they have ever advanced a motive for these actions. I just don’t know why Putin or the Russians would want Trump.

  4. That’s how the mule(r) rolls. He prosecutes make believe crimes, or prosecutes the wrong person for real crimes (e.g. anthrax letter investigation). The Mule, Blomey, and Rosey are truly the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. I think Trump willingly lets this circus continue, because the longer it does, the dumber and more corrupt the Mule, Blomey, and Rosey prove themselves to be.

    President Trump is exposing deep state, Obama, and Clinton corruption daily and I’m loving it. God bless President Trump! MAGA!

  5. The intricate and cluster maze of The Red Scare most likely will never be understood/accepted by the average college educated lib-twats. Certainly competing networks have no incentive to explain step by step how and why this happened. They’re too stoopid and short sighted to realize the ratings bonanza would quadruple v Stormy Daniels and one trick pony Avennati.

  6. Mueller will have to drop it on complete lack of evidence.

    CNN headline will read: “Conservative Judge dismisses Mueller Russian collusion trial”

    Then without even talking about the truth behind the trial, CNN will hold 24/7 roundtables on how the Mueller dismissal is just a prelude to the dangers of Trump stocking the courts with conservative judges.

  7. Oh and I posted before I read the CNN spin. Not surprised the ground work is already being laid for what I said.

    From the CNN article….”Concord’s attorneys and Mueller’s team will be back in DC federal court on Wednesday — the day before the first anniversary of Mueller’s appointment as special counsel — before Judge Dabney Friedrich, a Trump administration appointee.”

    So the truth won’t matter as usual. All that will matter is that the Judge in the case was a Trump judge, ergo the fix was in.

  8. The Committee of Public Safety must be allowed to continue its work under Robespierre Mueller. This is the only way to insure that the citizens are protected from foreign interference by Russians and Macedonian Content Farmers in our elections. Millions of illegal aliens voting for more free everything are not worthy of the Committee’s attention, but it will pursue this Russian Collusion hoax until the next election replaces the enemies of the State with more worthy Jacobins. Then, the Great Pretender can be deposed by the majority under the leadership of Mad Maxine.

  9. the msm polls all had hillary winning right up to the election.

    and yet this counterintelligence operation was started before Donald Trump even won the nomination.

    something tells me even obama and hillary didn’t believe in the msm polls.

  10. “something tells me even obama and hillary didn’t believe in the msm polls.”

    Bill: that’s because they knew they were cooking the figures.

  11. Mueller needs to be hanged by his heels, with meat hooks, from a lamppost for trying to overthrow the US government. He is a traitor!

  12. How is the impeccable reputation working for you Mueller? It is the 2 year anniversary of the Special Counsel today and all we have is some bogus indictments, process crimes and a lot of disgraced Obama administration personnel. Along with a lot of taxpayer money wasted.

  13. The CNN Agents also reported that Charles Manson had an impeccable reputation among his fellow inmates. So much for Herr Mullers “reputation”. He framed innocent men and let them die in prison. He should face the firing himself.


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