Report: Michael Avenatti Falsely Claims Stormy Daniels Cleared of Assault Cover-up

Big Hollywood: Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, released a statement claiming his client has been exonerated in an investigation into an alleged sexual assault that occurred during the shooting of an adult film directed by Daniels. A statement released by the company that produced the film, however, says the investigation is still ongoing.

Avenatti, a rabid left-wing partisan who has used his client’s legal battles against President Trump to command countless hours of free cable news time, told the far-left Daily Beast this week that “[A]fter the incident in question, Wicked performed a thorough investigation and found no substantiation for the allegations. It simply did not occur as Ms. Reign suggests.”

The “Wicked” Avenatti refers to is Wicked Pictures, the production company that hired Daniels to direct the film where the alleged assault occurred.

Wicked, however, released its own statement to the Daily Beast, one which contradicts Avenatti’s claim the investigation is closed. “We have been and are appropriately investigating,” Wicked said through a spokesperson.

Also at issue is whether or not Daniels is attempting to cover up an alleged sexual assault in order to protect one of the members of her crew.

According to the alleged victim, porn star Trisha Reign, this is exactly what Daniels is doing.  more

11 Comments on Report: Michael Avenatti Falsely Claims Stormy Daniels Cleared of Assault Cover-up

  1. Imagine that. Movies that glorify sexual assault have rules against sexual assault. How do they recognize it?

  2. Distraction.
    Who paid this guy?
    Stormy has outlived her usefulness and will soon be kicked to the curb.
    She will soon be sued into poverty and her parasite ‘Lawyer’ will move on to another host.
    She will dance naked for two hundred a night in a Gentlemen’s club near some airport, and turn tricks on the side until her age sidelines her to waiting tables.
    The Lawyer will star in a web only show until his gloss dulls and he will snipe at local politicians while chasing ambulances.
    Mr. Trump will enjoy his two terms and retire in splendor with Melania.

  3. This is all funded by Camp Clinton. How would Stephanie Clifford fund Avenatti?

    Clinton is just setting off little legal IEDs along the roadside.

    It wasn’t hyperbole to say “lock her up”. If you don’t pitch her old ass in jail, she will frag you until Satan calls her home.

    Lock her. The fuck. Up. This is a coup attempt. Funded by Clinton. From Comey to Mueller to Papadickless to Rosenstein to Brennan to Clapper to Clifford to Avenatti. Insurance policies all around.

  4. “alleged sexual assault that occurred during the shooting of an adult film”

    wasn’t this the plot of the movie ?

  5. When Avenatti appears on CNN is he billing his client as well as being paid by CNN? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Lordy! These people are starting to become tiresome. Before this is over, they may just get blamed for making pornography look seedy and unseemly. How much more of this must normal people endure before the MSDM moves on to another distraction.

  7. She got molested while being paid to do porn? What happened? Did somebody touch her tits without permission while they were cornholing her? This is parody, right?

  8. A porn star saying he touched me?
    Me thinks it’s hard to take that seriously.
    Everybody has TOUCH you in your world.


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