DC: Muslim researcher complains that war on terror was “rooted in Islamophobia” and “exclusively targeted Muslims”

Jihad Watch – “The goal is to really underscore how the war on terror is so rooted in Islamophobia and to really lift up the story of the ways that Muslims have been impacted.”

The irony here is that for the most part, the “war on terror” scrupulously avoided even the appearance of “Islamophobia” by dissembling about and deflecting from the motivating ideology that underlay the 9/11 jihad attacks. The Obama administration’s entire counterterror program, for example, was called Countering Violent Extremism, and never mention Islam or jihad in the context of terrorism at all. Bush, Obama and numerous other American officials repeatedly denied that Islam was anything but peaceful. But now Maha Hilal is here to tell us that the war on terror was “rooted in Islamophobia.” Pull my other leg.

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Ok. So, what is the root of Islamic terrorism? Infidelphobia?

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  1. Pull my other leg… pull it right off!
    They attack and immediately counter a any response with accusations of “iSlamophobia”. It’s how they operate! It’s how they have “justified” their war with the Jews for centuries! They cause a situation then turn around and scream “We’re just defending ourselves!” They’ve been doing it so long it’s in their DNA.

  2. @TRF:

    They cause a situation then turn around and scream “We’re just defending ourselves!” They’ve been doing it so long it’s in their DNA.

    And they’ve got such a shortage of DNA that they have to pass the same genes around amongst themselves.

  3. I’m torn.
    I don’t know whether it’s more due to
    A) drinking camel p!ss for centuries,
    B) centuries of inbreeding, or
    C) oh, I dunno, just taking a wild guess here…(said in a Church Lady voice)…

  4. The Muz have very simple rules: Convert or die.
    If you are a Jew, die. If a man wants to kill a
    woman he can set her up as a Shariah rulebreaker to, die.
    Allah blesses this.

  5. Muslims are an evil virus that should be eradicated. Their bloodline starts with Cain who slew Able it is there for all to see. They are the embodiment of evil. That’s why the democrats love them so.

  6. Germany and the Soviet Union formed a Pact to divide Poland because they were both being abused by Poland.

    The Kaiser had to strike France to avoid being surrounded by Russia.

    Japan had to conquer Indonesia because somebody, somewhere wanted to limit its supply of oil – in its efforts to convince China to join the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (as a slave state, by the way).

    So … moslems must pre-emptively kill Hindus, Jews, and Christians because the Hindus, Jews, and Christians may (mistakenly) come to perceive that moslems are intolerant and violent.

    Yeah, I think I got it.

    Also why all the states of the Mid-East (Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, UAE, and Turkey – numbering some 400 Million) have to gang up on the 9 Million of Israel.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. In line with MAF’s comment, I think we should adopt the term islamoloathia in lieu of islamophobia. It is far more accurate, experience based, NOT irrational and far more suggestive of what should be done to “solve” the problem

    10K ^s, Tim!!

  8. Well here in Maine, Portland Mayor Strimling and Guv Mills have invited them in with open arms. They are providing housing where elderly people should have the space to the illegal muslim invaders up here. They will never learn.
    And Bob M. is right about them being 7th century inbreds.

    My husband was talking to someone whose mother is at State St. (Elderly housing) They have taken in some of the illegals from Africa instead of elderly people.
    The Africans have been pooping in the elevators. When this person’s mother complained that “the brown people” were pooping in the elevator the management of State St. wrote her up for being racist.
    So now it’s our fault if the illegals refuse to behave civilly.

    The left will keep taking them in and then wonder what happened when something is blown up or a crowd is mowed down with a truck.


    Stop noticing the evil things we are doing, or we will label you evil.–thank you.

  10. Just finished reading “Sword & Scimitar” by Raymond Ibraham. It documents 1400 years of jihad, all deriving from the Religion of Peace’s Koran. You read about something these savages did in 900 AD and realize the tactics and goals are EXACTLY the same as today.

    Of course our cowardly and politically-correct politicians have no interest in such a tome. Gert Wilders excluded.


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