Inflation Sinks Dow Jones – IOTW Report

Inflation Sinks Dow Jones


Stocks opened sharply lower Tuesday after the latest inflation data came in hotter than anticipated – all but guaranteeing the Fed will not cut interest rates at its March meeting.  

Ahead of the opening bell, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was up 0.3% month-over-month in January and 3.1% year-over-year. Both figures were higher than the 0.2% and 2.9% respective increases economists were expecting. More

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  1. One tenth of one percent off a projection… and that causes a problem. Just imagine if they posted the real numbers?
    Wall Street isn’t the economy much as they like to pretend. It’s Monte Carlo for the bankers. They get to be the house and the players.

  2. Well shucks, my pitiful investment portfolio hasn’t recovered from it’s watermark high of November 2021 and I was making 20% a year for the previous 4 years…..Something happened on January 20th 2021….What could it be? HMMMMM….Was a democrat President elected named Biden?…..

  3. The most important number, and the one no one ever pays attention to is this……….$34 trillion, the national debt. That’s $240,000 per taxpayer (which is probably the best reason NOT to pay taxes).

  4. @Rich: I actually think everyone should pay some taxes – even those below the “poverty line.” And I think they should have to write a check for some of the taxes instead of relying on automatic deductions. Making people have actual skin in the game makes them realize the freebies actually cost something.

  5. Mean while, a relative hightailed it out of California with a pocket full of cash and headed to Florida 2 years ago. Both just turned 50 yo. They were going to flip houses, and they haven’t found one where they can make a fast $50,000 cash. Interest rates have crimped their cockeyed dream. They’ve been living in a trailer with 2 dogs. Bad timing all the way around. Actions have consequences.


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