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Insurer Won’t Cover Awards Against Churches Who Won’t Perform SSM

Southern Mutual Church Insurance has informed its members that it won’t be covering any damages to clients who refuse to perform same-sex marriage (SSM). They still offer “Miscellaneous Legal Defense Coverage,” but if a church loses its case they are being compensated.


Other church insurers have made no clear statement on their willingness to cover awards against one of their policy holders, but they weren’t too keen to jump into the breach either.


So, to ruin a church, all a gay couple has to do is find a friendly court, approach the church to conduct their marriage, then sue them for all kinds of injury if and when they refuse.

Who needs to torch a church anymore to destroy a house of worship? Just claim that they hurt your feelings and sue their collars off. Thanks SCOTUS.

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  1. I think I’d like to make myself known to some of these local churches, that if they are approached by a same sex (SS) couple that want the church to perform a SSM, and it is against that church’s principles, that church can contact me, and I will make the problem. . . . go away. No, I will not kill or murder. But I WILL make it known to the SS couple that it would be against their. . . best health, as it were. . . to continue to irritate that particular church. Or ANY church, for that matter.
    Charge a fee? Nah. That could be construed as “extortion”. I would just consider it as my Christian duty to protect that church.

    It’s wonderful what a paint gun can do to persuade and change minds. As well as a few other handy objects to make like. . . . difficult.
    “Life is hard enough as it is. It’s even more difficult when you’re stupid.”

  2. It’s not bad enough that the Supreme Court has screwed Christian churches over, now insurance companies feel they need to do it too?

    But wait! Tammy Baldwin says only RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS have freedom to practice religious beliefs……

    I have a headache.

  3. Just when you thoughts you’ve seen it all. Then this crap comes out of the drain. I’m so tired of the sissies, hippies, and liberals getting all butt hurt when something doesn’t go their way. If the church says no then that means no. It’s like sex. If a person says no it doesn’t mean you take them to court and demand it. It means you back off. Maybe they should start their own church. It worked for Scientology.

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