Internal CDC Document Estimates At Least A Million Have Taken Unnecessary COVID Booster


Over one million Americans have obtained a third Moderna or Pfizer unauthorized vaccine booster shot, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) internal briefing document reveals.

ABC News first reported that the “estimated 1.1 million… is likely is an undercount because although it counts Moderna and Pfizer shot recipients it ignores people who may have received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and got another shot.” More

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  1. Unauthorized? How does THAT work. If these goofs don’t already know someone has had their clot shots and don’t need another, where’s the proof someone didn’t have a shot when they get fired from a job?

    Whatever, I won’t stand between you and a poison needle filled with dead babies.

  2. I may consider getting the shot when they close the Southern Boarder, politicians live by the same rules they impose on us…and I see pigs flying over my house. (Kamala Harris in Air Force Two doesn’t count)

  3. The ONLY thing a ‘booster’ does is provide more profit for those who are money-grubbing. Now ‘suddenly’ we see yet another ‘virus’ coming in on the heels of the initial bioweapon released upon the world’s populations. Note that this ‘delta’ thing didn’t raise its ugly head PRIOR to the injection stabbings but came soon after the falsified and doctored injections. Just as an aside, Biden’s known mega-racist loathing and hateful commentary for people of (“Indians work in dunkin donut stores”) India had the name changed from ‘India virus’ to ‘delta’.

  4. They apparently are unable to count & add #’s of doses – but we’re supposed to believe in the accuracy of their vote counting?

  5. True, CC. This is how we come up with 120% voting in Democrat precincts, and how Biden comes up with 350,000,000 jabbed Americans.

    Well, I really don’t know how Biden came up with that. I’m just trying to be charitable.

  6. This is getting so hard to put up with. My company is 100% on board with anything the CDC puts out. Just got a second email in two days stressing how important it is for everyone in the company to get vaccinated. These are just a few of the “statistics” in the memo:
    the vaccinated are 90% less likely to get Covid
    98% of people hospitalized with Covid are unvaccinated
    Nearly ALL covid deaths are unvaccinated people
    Child and teen cases have jumped 84% in the last week
    58% of the population has now been vaccinated.

    It is getting harder and harder to not cave. They just changed the covid policy, if you’ve been vaccinated and get sick you get sick time, if you get it and haven’t been vaccinated you have to use vacation or personal time.
    If it wasn’t for the severe labor shortage, I think when the FDA gives it’s rubber stamp, my company would be firing anyone who doesn’t get the jab.
    I keep thinking though, that if everything I’ve read is true, that there will be a lot of executives above me who won’t be around in a year or two.


  7. nco77,
    Hang in there. Even if they do fire you, they’ll be begging you to return when ADE and micro-clot induced heart failures create many job openings. Remember, you can’t work your job from the grave.

  8. Imagine thinking the vaccine hesitant are stupid and then ODing an exotic mRNA vaccine against label recommendations. JFC. There may be errors of under-reaction but overreaction errors are far worse.

  9. NCO77

    Don’t you have a religious exemption? There are 27 pages from the Orthodox Church explaining why it is against your religion.

    Even so, you don’t have to be Orthodox to claim a religious exemption.

    covid vaccine is people, aborted babies.

  10. Remember when Fauci said that wearing two masks was just common sense? If you did a Venn diagram of all the tards who followed that advice, and all of the hat-trick jabbers, it would be one circle.


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