International Jazz Day

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  1. Back when I was 19 or so a few of us went to see Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. We all fell asleep. It was good music, just put us to sleep.

  2. Just had John Coltrane on the CD in the Garage yesterday.
    Today switched to Beethoven (3rd and 5th).

    Guess I’m backwards …

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I used to have a Chicago Art Ensemble album which I would use to troll my jazz-luvving friends, just to see how long they could stand to pretend that they enjoyed it.

  4. Bach is always jazzable, Claudia. Just add syncopation!

    My theory is that jazz got invented because classically-schooled musicians got bored with most classical music. (Some clasical music is highly syncopated, however – but you have to know who the composers are.)

  5. Hey Claudia, check out some Michael Brecker when you can. Sadly Michael passed in ’07. Here’s a taste featuring him on the IWI, then the sax.

    Saw him (and his brother Randy) with the Billy Cobham Players at Paul’s Mall in Boston. What a show!

  6. Hey, Jimmy – listen to the Mozart link from toby miles! I loved it! Thanks, Toby!

    WDS, my toes were tapping! Very Celtic and enjoyable! Thanks.

  7. THANKS, MJA!! How about some links to Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington – and Diana Krall following those others in the “classics”? Some of the old Bessie Smith recordings are great too.

  8. Mayor Pete would like to buy a vowel and make this International Jizz Day.

    Did I say “buy a vowel”? I meant lick a bowel.

  9. Confession: I’ve always hated a trumpet muted with a toilet plunger base,,,
    Nuff said,, you all know what I’m saying.

  10. Late to the game in Jazz appreciation…I just got burned out on all

    of the other stuff ( I drive a lot..Don’t wanna hear the same

    sh*t over and over and over on any station) Listen on XM…I enjoy

    the interviews with the older Musicians..Who actually suffered

    from Bigotry (not racism) And they all tell humorous stories about

    their travels.


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