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Beto Loses ‘The View’

The audience for the left-leaning daytime talk show The View cheered criticism of Beto O’Rourke on Monday arguing that he benefitted from a media double standard for male candidates.

Conservative co-host Meghan McCain blasted the ex-Texas congressman and 2020 presidential candidate for his “Jack Kerouac road trip” following his loss in 2018 to Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas).

“What bothers me the most of all the coverage of the candidates so far–and I know you like him—but Beto’s coverage infuriates me on an almost-daily basis,” McCain said to her fellow hosts. “No woman could ever lose running for Senate and then go on a Jack Kerouac road trip, abandoning his wife and kids finding himself, then do an announcement on the cover of Vanity Fair. That’s what he did.”

O’Rourke, a progressive darling and considered a top 2020 contender following the close defeat in Texas, wrote Medium posts describing his feelings as he traveled around the country, at one point saying he was in a “funk.”

Although the trip and his musings were panned at the time, O’Rourke got a glossy Vanity Fair coverwhen he reversed himself and decided to run for president, telling the liberal magazine he was “born” to run for president.

McCain said a female candidate like Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) or Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) saying they were “born to run” would have been “lambasted in the media,” leading to applause from the left-leaning audience.

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  1. Following her comments McCain demonstrated her ability to take a big 12″ sub sandwich and biggie drink in under one minute with a follow up fart that shook the set.

  2. Don’t care about Beto, but how is this different than Hillary hiding in the woods where the media gave her more exposure than any male contender who lost the race to be President.

  3. Of all the libs I have to put up with none are dumber than the women who watch the View. Asked a gaggle of them “Are women effin stupid because they watch the View or do only stupid women watch the view?” They called me unkind and untrue names. Hurt my feelings n shit.

  4. Megan is just trying to knee cap the field for Biden. Given who she supports she could care less about any of this other than to use it to help Biden.

  5. Sven Horbald
    APRIL 30, 2019 AT 12:08 PM
    “Following her comments McCain demonstrated her ability to take a big 12″ sub sandwich and biggie drink in under one minute with a follow up fart that shook the set.”

    …and thus was Whoopi Goldberg born…

  6. Hey Fatty Teets.

    Your daddy McStain benefited from the same thing. Who runs for president after losing to George W. Bush? Your father burning in HELL, that’s who!

    Too soon?

  7. Double standard for men & women running for president?

    They are ignoring how the media fawned over Hillary and pummeled Trump at every opportunity leading up to the 2016 election. Yeah, I’d call them all stupid.

  8. Hey, I’m declaring my run for Presidente on the Demonrat ticket…why the hell not, everyone else is.

    On second thought I’m not a commie, a homosexual, a pedo, a woymen, black, Spartacus, nor a fake Indian so forget it.

  9. “Beto was NOT born to run for president.

    That title goes to Harold Stassen.”

    +1 for the historical reference, @ TN Tuxedo…

  10. Uncle Al, I do love your Hispanic-ish & true to life Bobo, but preferring to press 1 for English I’m really fond of simply calling him ButO. Or we could combine both which would translate into DUMB-A$$


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