Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down, Says VA Problems Are a ‘Myth’

WFB: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) reinforced her opposition to reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs on Saturday, calling it a “myth” that the system was broken and in need of reform.

Ocasio-Cortez pledged at a town hall a week ago that she would fight bipartisan efforts to reform the scandal-plagued VA health system.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” she said in remarks reported on by the Washington Free Beacon last week. “The idea that this thing that isn’t broken, this thing that provides the highest quality care to our veterans somehow needs to be fixed, optimized, tinkered with until you don’t even recognize it anymore.”

Ocasio-Cortez acknowledged the criticism her opposition to VA reform had received, but doubled down on her defense of the status quo at the agency, according to video of the Queens town hallcaptured by America Rising.

“You might have heard Fox News talking about it,” Ocasio-Cortez said, “because there is a myth that all VAs everywhere are broken.”  more here

18 Comments on Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down, Says VA Problems Are a ‘Myth’

  1. Well, she just lost any veteran votes. Maybe she should try asking some vets how well the VA system works….

  2. Next to the Post Office, the VA is probably the biggest employer of minorities in the country. Therefore it must be protected, and all scandal ignored.

  3. All of the “Deadwood & Crooks” working at the VA are lobbying her to fight VA reform, because if the VA becomes efficient, accountable & actually provides quality care, they will all be without a job.

  4. How did this bint get so wise and informed in so few years? At Boston University, of course! I’m beyond words…..THIS is what the progressive electorate has raised up. Our forefathers warned of this happening and the people ignored their warnings. God can only help us now.

  5. She’s selling single-payer health care. That’s all. She wants it to look good so she can work on truly socialized medicine.

  6. Swamp Fox, our forefathers may have warned us this would happen but I disagree that people are ignoring their cautionary words. The government-run indoctrination camps called schools don’t teach this, the most fundamental and important parts of our American history, any more.

  7. What a disgusting POS, huh?

    She loves Jew-haters omar and tlaib, hates our country and our freedom, and is ss ignorant as obama.

  8. “…because there is a myth that all VAs everywhere are broken…”

    No, that’s your straw-man, Sandy. The “all” is the giveaway.

    There may be a couple of Potemkin Village VA *hospitals* serving the needs of elite Pampered Princes, but those are just for show. The Veterans Administration and most of its hospitals are broken.

  9. @JMV April 30, 2019 at 11:05 am

    > Well, she just lost any veteran votes.

    That’s called “Good riddance to the easily and gender confused.”

  10. @Swamp Fox April 30, 2019 at 11:23 am

    > God can only help us now.

    Excuse me, sir. Do you have a moment to talk about Allah?

  11. 70 years ago I knew a “dough boy”. Had not graduated High School, no skills. so he was dependent on VA (Near 60). The care he got when HST was President was at best BAD. The VA has been a fraud as long as I can remember. I would qualify but i will never go. Thank God I had skills when I worked! The VA care was almost good in ’89 – has gone downhill since then! For many it is in effect NO CARE!

    She lives in NY, NY -everything there is a myth! Having spent lots of time there the last 70 years’ I know first hand! My freshman year a girl got raped by a gang there – there were over 12 men(?) there watching not 1 of the CS sons of whores did a thing to help her! Great town!~

    But Don is great! So everyone there is not a CS son of a whore!


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