Investigating the Investigators: Durham To Unleash on Obama Era Officials? Let’s see just how former Obama era administrators and officials handle the spotlight when the beloved “Russia ties” are turned on them. As U.S. Attorney John Durham begins his probe into the “handling of the Russian investigation” since it has risen to the level of a criminal inquiry, he is “focused on a timeline spanning from the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election through the spring of 2017” reports Fox News. Former FBI special agent Peter Strzok will likely be seen as “another key figure.”

On July 31, 2016, it was Strzok who officially opened the FBI’s initial Russia investigation. “politically charged” text messages between Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page have been reviewed. Strzok also served on former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team to investigation the “Russian meddling” and “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 elections. “Strzok’s role has also come under question regarding the original interview of former national security adviser Mike Flynn, who later pleaded guilty to giving false statements concerning his discussions with Russia’s ambassador.”

Now that it is officially a criminal inquiry, Durham will be able to “subpoena witnesses, file charges and impanel grand juries” reports Fox News. When Democrats couldn’t find any Russia collusion despite years of investigation they have now turned to a far-reaching Ukraine phone call. The call itself was not damning, therefore Democrats are issuing subpoenas in hopes of finding any evidence in addition to, or surrounding the call. read more

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  1. I will be absolutely surprised if anything meaningful comes of this, anything that will have any real impact on the future actions of the Deep State and its various miscreants.

  2. OK, his timeline begins just before the 2016 election. What is his timeline for wrapping this up. I’ve got to believe anyone that’s watched Perry Mason or LA Law would have perp walks by now.

  3. Trusting our government as little as I might, I have doubts that they can police themselves or will. Seems something should have solidified enough by now to stand on its own. Hope is not a plan

  4. Actually Glen Beck has put together a comprehensive timeline of the democrat’s shenanigans going back even farther. It’s assembled pretty well and has all the characters involved. Yeah I know Glen Beck, but it’s pretty good. He has a third installment coming soon.
    It’s worth a look.

  5. No need for a Glen Beck denial phrase. The man is superb at these sorts of reportages. I’m glad he has returned to his roots.

  6. …they had to get the impeachment thing out NOW, so they could claim that anything that comes from THIS guy is jyst retaliatory…

  7. It’s revenge for impeaching Bill Clinton, and the delegitimize like they did Bush.

    Term limits gets rid of old grudges more easily.

    Time to secede.

  8. Bush’s henchmen: Brennan, slapper, Comey …Mueller et. al have no fear as long as their boss -GWB- is free. And the Bush Clan worked hard and smart on the “Deep State” for 30 years! GWB has not fear; so his henchmen also have none!

    “Sound + furry! Signifying nothing!”! Bush is free – they are free.

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