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iOTWreport Virtual Meeting Review

Thanks to everyone who joined the virtual meeting.  We had about 20 – 25 attend and we chatted for about 2 1/2 hours. 

I am afraid I did not write down the names of all of those who did attend, but we did have notables like Claudia, LCD, Ghost and Angie, RadioMattM, Boo, etc. 

We also had a couple who admitted to lurking more than posting, so it was good to see them as well.  If I didn’t mention your name, I do apologize, my memory isn’t that good.

The conversation ran the gamut, some politics, WuFlu, potentials about platforms to use for future get-togethers, etc. We had people from time zones ranging from England to Alaska, Canada to Oklahoma, Texas, California, New York, Georgia and Colorado. 

I think I missed a state or two.

Overall, I think it was a fun time and I hope that we can continue to have these about once a month.  It is good to see all of you!I think the next meeting will be in about a month and probably a Sunday evening.

Thanks again for all that attended and I hope we can get more in the future.


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  1. Hi all!
    It was fun. While talking to Mr. Kakalogical, we tried to figure out how we found IOTW.
    Does anyone remember the website Sweetness & Light? That is where we found out about IOTW.
    I can’t believe I’ve been following this site for over 10 years! Wow!
    Good to see & hear real people.
    P.S. China Virus
    P.P.S. Stolen Election

  2. Vaguely remember sweetness and light.
    Lots of websites have come and gone over the years. Running a blog is hard work and takes a lot of effort. It was for zero dollars for me. was a hell of a lot of work. I killed it.

  3. PHenry, which brings us to an important consideration, I bet it’s costly to keep a blog going. There is a donate option for anyone that would like to help. I sure do want to see iOTW stick around for a long time!

  4. Incidentally, which is why you should hit the iotw tip jar.
    You can read it for free. But these folks work hard to keep content fresh. It’s a full of job. Trust me.

    Don’t be a moocher.

    We have very few truth forums left.

    This site is one of the best.

    Pony up.

  5. @joe6pak and I were typing at the same time. Ha.
    Get off your wallets, people.

    If BFH, MJA, and the others decide to take more lucrative positions and decide to scuttle IOTW. Where would you go? Yeah. There are places to go to read things.
    But comments here don’t require a Facebook, Twitter, disqus account. I don’t play there.

  6. I concur on the tip jar…you can make a monthly contribution for less than the cost of one cup of shitty starbutts coffee at least!

  7. And one more thing, just think if we all donated enough that we didn’t have to have those pop up ads that come up. Just so you don’t think I’m spouting off on something I’m not willing to do myself I’ll be posting another donation as soon as I eat some pizza.

  8. I do a monthly donation. Automatic. It isn’t much. $10 a month. Would it kill your budget to do the same?
    I highly recommend it.

    Where else can you get great content?

    And my idiotic comments?

  9. PHenry, where are these “more lucrative positions” you speak of?! I’d like to check them ou … oh, wait. Fur, are you listening?

    Ahh, never mind. I wouldn’t ever leave here. Fur is the best boss in the whole world!

    Though, I AM still looking for the break room that MJA mentioned!!!

  10. PS, the meeting was fun. Wish I could have stayed longer. I’m shy so I was glad I had a good reason to not join in the face/voice part of it. The chat part worked out pretty good.

  11. Ahem. Word is that you mooching deadbeats haven’t given so much as a penny to iotw in spite of @J6 and my pleas. This is very disappointing. Seriously?
    Are you people incapable of understanding that this is the last place where free speech exists?

    Listen. I will receive no compensation for my rant here.

    But you people need to step up. Maybe everybody is broke. I don’t know.

    If you are, ignore my post. If you aren’t broke. Step up for a freedom of speech platform.

    Why am I interjecting myself into this?

    Because I love the first amendment. Nothing more.

  12. I am continually humbled by the people that gather here.

    Some others that attended:

    Stirrin the Pot

    It’s an event to look forward to. Like the anticipation
    of an up coming concert, back in the day.

    @C – had a VERY interesting and relevant post on Critters this morning about ‘Shadows’.

    We all need to come out of the shadows and into the light.

    And what @Joe6pak and @Phenry said about the $$$ that goes to keep this engine going.

    We are grateful as a group to be able to Zoom via IOTWr.

    It was interesting at one point @BFH, people were wondering how they showed up at YOUR joint??

    Nobody really knew, except for what @Agatha Kakalogical, who it was GREAT to meet, clarified above.



  13. It was a fun time last night. Great to see faces and hear what everyone is thinking. As usually on the IOTW posts, we all have strong opinions. When you are virtual it kind of brings it all together when you see a face or hear a voice to the name and opinion.

    Joe6pak, had no idea there was a shirt for the group! If you made them, it must be good!

    Until next virtual meeting!!

    God Bless us all!!

  14. PHenry, I donate monthly as well; same amount. I don’t miss it and it is worth supporting this site!

  15. Mary, I can’t take credit for making them. I’ve had them a long time, I don’t remember how I ended up with them, but it was probably some damn auction that I that I was running up the bid on. Seems like I’m only running it up on myself.

  16. I missed the first meeting, but I’m glad I made this one. It was a great to see a face associated with the names and avatars here on iOTW. I really enjoyed the conversation – hell, I even stayed longer than I intended to.

    Among many other things, we discussed the need to fund future Zoom meetings. If anyone has a good solution to this predicament, please speak up.

    I look forward to the next gathering.

  17. There is an old iOwnTheWorld Zazzle store. I’d check with BFH first before buying anything. It’s been up for awhile and it might not have current contact info. I’ve had stores before and moved on to ther things. Changed emails, never to b seen again.

    Anyway, gotta make sure da man so gets the loot!

  18. @Stirrin the pot – “Oh, and we do need to get a t-shirt made….Fur??”

    I have an inquiry in…’still waitin’.

    Even have a few designs and thoughts…do YOU have an idea for a theme or design for a TEA shirt??

    Long sleeve and short of course…


  19. @ Illustr8r – darn it, now I want the matching Cream of Nothing Mug and Apron, but a bit torn for the ORIGINAL mug.

    Merch table here I come…

  20. Sorry I only made the first half hour – I’d been on a zoom call all afternoon, and there is only so much sitting at the computer I could take on a Saturday night.
    Truly enjoyed seeing a few of you, and will join again if we have another get-together.

  21. It was nice meeting you all. I don’t know if I can hang in there for the long haul because it is a bit too late for me but I’ll try again next time.

  22. I missed the zoom. Again.

    Ditto to the pleas for contributions to iotwr. I recently went in for a lifetime sub on gab, and felt bad about not doing the same for iotwr. So i did in part.

    Do it if you can. Maybe we need our own server(s).


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