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iPods Are Going Away

Red State

Apple today (May 10th) announced it is discontinuing manufacturing of its iPod Touch, the last remnant of the iPod family. Once its current inventory is exhausted, the product line is officially retired.

When Apple first introduced the iPod in October of 2001, it marked the company’s first entry into consumer electronics. Boasting a 160 by 128-pixel video screen and a massive 5GB of memory, the device gave Americans and people worldwide a welcome diversion from 9/11’s horrors. The iPod was made to seamlessly integrate with iTunes, software introduced in January 2001 as an easier way for music listeners to rip (hopefully) their CDs and store their music. Although the iPod’s CD-level sound quality claims were a stretch, given the 128kpbs sampling rate to which files were ripped by default on iTunes, it was listenable, portable, convenient, and, most importantly, easy to use. More

In all honesty, I still carry a CD player for my walks. – Dr. Tar

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  1. Meh. Someone gave me one for a birthday or something 100 years ago. I didn’t like anything about the file formatting or transferring and I wasn’t impressed with the sound, so ai lost interest.

    Their controls were pretty stupid too, but this was 15 or so years ago so they probably improved it while I wasn’t looking, but after hearing about how they gave everyone a U2 album whether they wanted one or not, I’m sure their proprietary file system is still stupid, and I’d hate to see the TOS that lets them do that…


  2. still have my iPod 120G Classic I got about 20 years ago & still play it about every day

    now, I gotta figure out how to dump all that music, ebooks, pics & podcasts out of it into my SSD

  3. I still use the iPod Nano for running & the gym.
    It is a wonderful device. Little blue one.
    Tiny yet durable.
    I load different music on it and let it choose the order of play.

    I don’t GAF how it looks, I’m old school and don’t have a phone attached to my face like most of these assholes do.

    They discontinued the Nano years ago but you can still get them brand new in the box on ebay.
    When they sold at Target & Best Buy they were 49 bucks.
    On ebay they go for $100+ now.

    I bought the first hard-drive iPod when it came out.
    20GB I believe.
    I could run with it but it was clunky and did skip sometimes.
    I sold my old iPod on ebay for a significant price just a few years back.

    I recommend folks buy spares of the things they like before obsolescence sets in…

  4. I have a small portable hi-def music player from Sony that I listen to FLAC files on – mostly ripped from CD’s or bought from sites like HD Tracks. Sound is phenomenal, it has 64GB internal and a 128GB mini SD card installed in the slot, decent battery life unless you use Bluetooth. Bought it for myself as a birthday present in 2015.

  5. Never bought an apple product but i bought quite a bit of their stock.

    FWIW, Apps are what I order BEFORE the steak.

    Cheers fuckers!

  6. I hate Tim Cooke & Apple as a whole but when a product such as the iPod, iPad, & MacBook Pro come out that are far superior to anything on the market, I refuse to settle for inferior crap that is likely just as guilty of wokeism.

    As a runner the iPod was far superior to the Sony Walkman.
    I can carry a thousand songs on a matchbook with 10 hours battery life.
    Sorry not sorry.


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