Iran forces gays into gender reassignment surgery – IOTW Report

Iran forces gays into gender reassignment surgery

State Department Officially Calls Iran’s Forced Sex Change Surgeries ‘Confirmation’.


A report issued Thursday by the Department of State repeatedly refers to sex reassignment surgery in Iran as “gender-confirmation surgery.”

Speaking at the release of the State Department’s annual human rights report, Secretary of State John Kerry said of the designation that “There is nothing sanctimonious in this,” emphasizing the need for “humility” in the face of the U.S.’ own racial inequality. The State Department did not respond to a request for clarification by The Daily Caller News Foundation.


5 Comments on Iran forces gays into gender reassignment surgery

  1. This would clear up the mystery as to which one of the happily wedded couple was the wife!

  2. “Your face is a dick! We must cut it off and make it a cunt! Allah Akbar! Alalalalalalalalalalalaaaaa!”

  3. Almost makes you think…wait a minute…are Democrats trying to succeed in making Conservatives agree with ISIS?

  4. Do the AMA and WHO consider being pushed off a high rise an acceptable method of gender reassignment?

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