Iran’s Face-Saving Effort Fails As Badly As Their Rocket

Reports that Iran’s latest attempt to put a satellite into space failed spectacularly on the launch pad began circulating, Thursday. Yesterday, the president followed up with what appears to be a satellite image of the scorched facilities. President Trump disavowed any involvement in the disaster Here 

Iran announced with pride this morning the recovery of the satellite and their intention to “try, try again.” Perhaps 4th time will be the charm.  More

6 Comments on Iran’s Face-Saving Effort Fails As Badly As Their Rocket

  1. What seems obvious escapes many on the left, namely that it is never a good idea to have a pussy in the WH. Trump is slowly dismantling the abomination known as the Obama Doctrine; holding China to account for its past larceny of American technology, getting out of the feckless Paris Accord, demanding NATO members start defending themselves for a change and removing ourselves from that joke of an agreement (not even a lawful treaty) known as the JCPOA.

    Deft negotiation and diplomacy are essential for world order, right now Iran’s balls are being squeezed by the Orange Man; rampant inflation, a currency in free fall and an economy imploding before our eyes, “More of the same Mr. President, it’s working”.

  2. …the only way a Muslim can get ANYTHING up is by looking at a goat, so if they put Mission Control down on the farm, SOMETHING will rise…

  3. No direct US involvement, but perhaps a little intervention by our closest ally in the region?

    Wink wink nod nod.

  4. Why can’t the Iranians manage a simple satellite launch? I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket science.

    Oh, wait —


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