Irony Trigger Alert – White “Black” Man Says Peyton Manning’s Image Is Based on Lies

Shaun King has some chutzpah to make a claim about someone’s image being built on lies. Maybe he’s Jewish, too?

King dredges up old allegations of a Peyton Manning incident in college, a “he said/ she said,” and acts as if he’s Bob Woodward.

The claim is that Manning out his junk on a physical trainer’s head when she was examining his foot for a stress fracture.


Here’s the woman—>




Archie Manning allegedly described her as ugly but with big cans.

No wonder he threw so many touchdowns.

I hate to be flippant, but maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t. Why re-pick at this old scab now?

Shouldn’t we be examining Bill Clinton’s behavior with this kind of scrutiny? When Manning goes to the white house it will be for an Obama photo op. If Clinton returns it’s because he will be the first gentleman, and he will be leading by example… with his penis.

Here is Yawn King’s story.


ht/ Dr. Tar

8 Comments on Irony Trigger Alert – White “Black” Man Says Peyton Manning’s Image Is Based on Lies

  1. This hit piece was in response to criticism of Cam Newton’s apparent unsportsmanlike like conduct at the Superbowl vs. Peyton’s gentlemanly conduct. we can’t have that!

  2. Why is Shaun King still relevant?….AH, he’s obviously one of MLK’s bastard sons….His daddy obviously teabagged his momma more then once….

  3. I have a hard time listening to someone pretending to be something he is not. These social justice freaks need to fuck off. The world is worse off for their efforts, not better. People are more divided than ever for their pandering, not united.

  4. Is she doable? Hell yeah! I would have done the same thing in college, except I would have had carnal intercourse on a drunkened date with her, then dumping her for someone less bitchy

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