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Is Alien Abduction Insurance Right for You?

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Before we get into Washington’s take on the subject, it’s worth mentioning that this peculiar form of insurance coverage is associated with the Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Founded in 1987, this agency is famous for being the pioneering provider of alien abduction insurance policies. Over the years, the agency has made headlines and garnered both support and skepticism for its alien abduction policy.

The Saint Lawrence Agency reports to have sold thousands of these policies worldwide.

The policy costs $19.99 and pays out 10 million dollars if you get abducted. It’s important to note that, you’ll need an alien signature to verify your claims. More

Collecting on your abduction is going to be challenge. To file a claim your policy may include any of the following provisions.

  • Provide specific information about the aliens, including where they’re from and what type of spacecraft they use.
  • Provide a detailed description of the abduction incident.
  • Provide the signature of an “authorized, on-board alien.”
  • Pass a lie detector test.
  • Provide video footage of the encounter.
  • Provide a statement from a third-party witness.

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  1. I swiped a drill from a workbench last time I was abducted and taken to their ship. But it only makes holes through a vacuum, so it’s not worth much I guess.

  2. Got a one million dollar UFO abduction Insurance policy for my 15th birthday. All that was needed for a claim was a picture of me with an alien. Sent them a picture of me superimposed on a picture of Don Rickles. Still waiting for my first $1.00 a year for a million years payout.

  3. There used to be a wacko from Milwaukee selling alien abduction insurance who would call Jim BoHannon’s radio program every Saturday night back in the early 80’s. My wife and I would listen just to hear this nut job call in, he was freakin hilarious with his pitch to sell alien abduction insurance to anybody who was gullible or stupid enough to believe his bs. I wonder if he ever tried his spiel on Art Bell’s wacko radio program.


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