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Is It Better for Kids When Their Parents Are Married?


Intellectual Takeout: Yesterday I ran across a Washington Post piece entitled, “I love my boyfriend, but I never want to get married.” In it, author Rachel Bussel describes how she and her partner of four years have lived as husband and wife in every imaginable experience – except for the wedding ceremony.

Furthermore, Ms. Bussel insists that she has no intention or desire to make their commitment to each other official, not even because she and her partner are trying to have a child together.   more 

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  1. You have to wonder why it’s so important for that women to defend her choices to so many millions of people who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about her choices. She’s obviously doubting the wisdom of it herself, but, being a progtard, she feels compelled to be a dumb fuck who makes unwise choices.

  2. The nuclear family is THE building block of society. Our Founders knew if you could function in your own home, you could function in society.

    I feel sorry for those kids. There’s nothing binding that man to stay with that family, and unless they’ve done the legal paperwork, there’s nothing that says he’s going to automatically get custody if something happens to the mother.

    What a clusterfark society has become.

  3. Is It Better for Kids When Their Parents Are Married?

    In most cases yes, if there’s peace in the home. There’s nothing more devastating to a child if there’s turmoil in the home. Children don’t feel secure in an environment where there’s physical and mental abuse going on. Where’s there’s constant bickering. I hated it when my parents got into knock down drag out fights. I’ve never forgiven either one of them for the 18 years of BS they acted out to me and my siblings. In my case I wished divorce, I would have been better off without them abusing.

  4. Of course her boyfriend is supporting her “no marriage” stance! He can walk out any old time he wants! I think she is afraid of failure at marriage. What a coward.

  5. She can overcome the problem of who gets the child should she die by naming the father as the child’s guardian in her will.

    But I would rather see them married. Both parents have more rights in a marriage, starting with the fact that the law would presume the husband the legal father of any children born to the wife.

  6. Maybe she’s anti-marriage because because she too wants the option of leaving “just like that.” I agree, she’s a coward–and she’s clearly not thinking about what would be best for her unborn child.

    Then they’ll make some judge’s life hell with endless custody petitions. The court clerk will get pretty tired of the drama too.

  7. We’re coming up on our 47th anniversary. We’re still married, raised 2 kids who are doing quite well. We go wherever we choose and we know our kids are okay.(they’re in their 40’s), whose spouses love and respect them. People ask us all the time what’s the secret? There’s no secret, it’s call respect for one another.

  8. It’s an expensive and ugly hassle to get a divorce. That’s sorta on purpose. Makes you want to work things out. Keeps you sticking around longer.

  9. God honors marriage. If you’re not wed, you’re pretty much on your own. Don’t like it? God said it, I didn’t.

  10. Especially when they are married to each other… instead of having step parents.

    Also, maybe she really doesn’t want to be thought of as gay….

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