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Obama’s Legacy – The Sh*tstaining of America

C’mon, it’s only 200,000 parasitical, eastern-cultured, Arab speaking, unemployable, Muhammad-lovin’ cretins. What harm can it do?

Well, it’s not 200,000 parasites. It’s more like a 1.5 million. How? Because per the “transformation of America” rules, these deadbeats get to drag up to 8 family members over here with them once they are settled receiving welfare.

But that’s not the only downside. With every parasite that floats through our transom, people, like the fecal Bernie Sanders, can point to an even wider WEALTH GAP!!!!!!!!!

Look at this horrible problem of WEALTHY PEOPLE IN AMERICA while we have third world poverty levels.

Yes you can! Yes you can create an immediate crisis by IMPORTING THE THIRD WORLD TO AMERICA. See how easy it is to fool college kids who march and foam at the mouth?



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  1. The Shitstaining of America…

    There is a large brown streak running through the Middle East too, largely due to TFG too.

    He is a freaking world wide disaster.

  2. It didn’t have to go this way.
    Don’t excuse the intelligentsia that ALLOWED him to shit up the place.

  3. It’s been in my mind that the American working class is being “present yourself a living sacrifice” (Roman’s 1), to the less fortunate, the worldly, on an economic front.
    And then we quickly ask, “Am I my brother’s keeper”?
    They who are making this happen here and Europe is for a purpose they have preconceived, but doesn’T surprise Him a bit.
    Up to us, to present the gospel.
    That’s how to suppress violence without bloodshed.
    But we can be leary on these things, and so they ensue.
    Secularists, get out.

  4. Another huge problem is that these parasites coming here will make more “income” off of the welfare system than many native workers that are lucky enough to have full time jobs. It will be the native born working class / tax paying citizens that are at the poverty level and the bottom of the wealth gap if importing these parasites isn’t stopped. The leeches can suck as much as $50k off the welfare teat (I suspect more in many cases considering there are at least 126 federal “anti-poverty” programs) while full time middle class jobs that make $50k are relatively few and far between.

  5. Just like in the mid-80s with only 5 million illegal aliens given amnesty, it turned out to be 20 million. Now the ‘tards are claiming it’s only 10 million illegal aliens, so we know it is 40 million.

    Only 1.5 million muzloids? Multiplying by 4 equals 6 million. You just have to know how to do liberal math.

  6. 1. We should admit only Christians and Jews.

    2. If we have to let in any muzz it should be only women and children. Send the men back to fight.

  7. New Washington 2066,
    In a solemn ceremony today, the President laid a wreath at ‘The Pillar’ the only surviving piece of the old Capital to commemorate the 50th anniversary of World War III.
    In another, quieter ceremony later that day, the President signed the order to remove all remaining records, references and images of the 44th President from the official White House records.
    The former President is currently housed in New Bethesda in No. Dakota, and is being kept alive on life support in order to complete his full 1100 year sentence.

  8. I was wondering about this. You know that Trump’s tax plan is to allow people who make $25,000 or less to pay NO taxes? Well, what about welfare? If they make more than $25,000, will they have to pay taxes? I would include ALL money they get from the government (taxpayers) like food stamps, tax benefits for their brood and anything that is not a real income earned by their work.

    If they have to pay taxes, then I will feel better about his plan.

    My own idea of a fair tax is to make everyone that receives one cent, whether income from their own work or welfare benefits, pay taxes. It’s too easy to vote for more goodies if you don’t have dog in the hunt. They need to see money flying out of their hands just like we do. Nothing will change until they see the results of their votes.

    I’d prefer a consumption tax, but that may never happen.

  9. I agree with you Claudia. The numbers in the article referenced above also didn’t include anything for education “benefits” (the federal govt. forcing local schools to educate every illegal child that comes into the country as well as free or reduced rate college tuition for illegals). The numbers used were based on participation in only 7 of the 126 federal “assistance” programs, so I’m sure the actual benefits are much more than shown.

    Most of the parasites get “housing assistance” so they can live in as nice a place as most Americans (that worked hard to do so) without contributing a dime in property taxes (the federal govt. is money laundering tax dollars through these benefits programs – steal taxpayer dollars and use them to pay for freebies for illegals including paying their housing costs – the landlord gets paid with taxpayer dollars which is then recycled as property taxes). And the illegals don’t understand, or even care to, that the reality is that they are outright stealing from American taxpayers every day simply by being allowed to stay here.

    The only taxes many of them pay are sales taxes, but citizen taxpayers are really paying them as well for the most part because the leeches are buying goods with the money that the feds have first stolen from us to redistribute to them. The most prolific criminal enterprise in history is our federal govt.

  10. homo-phobia => izlomophobia

    mexia => shari’a

    mexia = the past 30 years of subjugation the illegal alien onslaught

  11. Oh holy Shiva, I am finding that offensive… please pay for your squishy and beef jerky then get out. Thank you and come again!

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