Is Kasich threatening a 3rd party run?

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  1. Thad Cochran’s Army showing their true colors again. Kolonel Kasich just bumped Trump’s poll numbers up 2 points.

  2. Hugh Hewitt was fretting last night about Trump’s “ambiguous” answer when asked if he would honor his pledge to not run 3rd party. Let’s see if Hugh is as concerned about loose cannon Kasich.

  3. I HOPE Kasucks DOES run “independent”!

    That way, all the RINOs will have someone OTHER THAN Hillary to vote for….which helps Trump in the end.

  4. Do it John, I dare you.

    Might as well end your political career on the lowest note possible. So sad, you were actually a conservative when you were in the House, WTF?

    It’s kinda like he’s sitting in the toilet with his hand on the flusher threatening to flush himself into oblivion if us pee-ons have the temerity to vote for someone, yaknow, that is actually addressing the nightmare.

  5. Kasich, his visions of grandeur coupled with his desire to be relevant has caused him to gain press anyway that he can.
    Kasich,the bastard establishment RINO, remains irrelevant within the GOPe and the nation.
    Whine at home John, it’s unsightly. Matter of fact, just go home.

  6. MM nails it. At least he went full-RINO before the election.

    Kasich, take your shitty little 1% and GFY.
    Won’t miss ya!


  7. Don’t forget Boehnerdict!

    He never missed a chance to screw conservative voters. Ohio doesn’t deserve the blame anywhere near as much as our so easily bought republican ‘leaders’. They get to DC and all they care about is re-election and shuffling favors and money. The hell with the voters until election time.

  8. I’m liking these attacks on Trump more and more. Keep it up, please, it drags him up higher in the polls. The energy expelled trying to discredit Trump does nothing beneficial for anyone but Trump! Maybe they should try to get along and agree with him because at this point they don’t have much more to lose.

  9. Just to see where the establishment’s head is. But never for very long, as the voice of Hugh gives way to Mexican polka music around 6:30 EST.

  10. But I have listened to him enough to know that he’s an Ohio boy like Kasich, and I know his callers will hold his feet to the fire on this.

  11. Let’s preface this with me being in the Ted Cruz camp. Kasich is showing once again what disregard the Rino Republicans have for their conservative base. Screw him.

  12. Another Ohioan in the Cruz camp. Another Ohioan disgusted with the governor. Especially since he showed some promise right after his election, and let the unions smack him around like a pimp slappin’ his ho.

  13. K should run as a Dem, along with Yeb?, I mean Jeb! That party needs a candidate that’s not c-or-c (corrupt or communist).

  14. That leaves out anyone we know in DC, including Jeb. He doesn’t want to win anyway – as evidenced by all the crap coming out of his mouth that he KNOWS the conservative base disagrees with. He’s just playing his part for the fascist puppet masters.

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