Brilliant New Leftist Idea: Abolish Private Housing!

Private property is the absolute founding principle on which America was founded. Leftists hate America.


Bad ideas never die. They never even fade away. They just lurk, waiting for the right moment to rear their ugly heads.

On that note, The Nation has come up with a brilliant new idea: abolishing private property.

This brand new, not at all tried-and-failed idea, pushed by Jesse Myerson, suggests that we “get rid of private housing.” He writes:

Plenty of time and effort have lately gone into analyzing a host of related crises—homelessness, unaffordable urban real estate, devastating gentrification, and a housing bubble whose burst landed us in the Great Recession. But the explanations tend to be incomplete, the attributions shortsighted, and the policies rearguard….The true culprit is so deeply embedded in American notions of wealth, rights, and property that we cannot see it for the terrible economy policy it is: private housing. Real estate as a store of private wealth is the rotten tree that sprouts these diseased branches, and the solution is to quit pruning twigs and chop the sucker down.

Hey, if destruction of all landholding didn’t destroy the Soviet Union and preclude the development of dozens of hunter-gatherer civilizations, why wouldn’t it work now?


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  1. Thanks for the warning bastages. “Private property” is nothing other than allowing people to keep the fruits of their own labor. I didn’t steal my land from the indians. I bought it at fair price and when I die, someone else will own it. But ownership motivates me to maintain and improve it. Look at any public housing complex or indian res if you don’t believe that. I don’t shit in my stairwell or pain graffiti on the walls.

    Anyone who believes that men should be forced to work the benefit of others is advocating slavery. As I said in another post a few days ago, everything the left has said for the last 50 years has been proven to be a lie. THEY are the ones who advocate slavery, and that requires guns and force to take peoples property, daughters and gold teeth. They want to be the ones with the guns and the slaves.

  2. Add to that “progressive” blather the fact that large American corporations too are trampling on property owners’ rights in the form of eminent domain. Their desire for profit DOES NOT trump my rights as a landowner. This is an expanding constitutional issue that we’ll all be hearing more about in the near future.

  3. Hey, how about if you’re on the Terror Watch List and/or the No Fly List, you can’t own property OR guns!!

    I’m KIDDING, progs. Sit back down.

  4. Jesse Myerson is only pushing for the elimination of privacy so he doesn’t have to claim direct ownership over any of his stupid ideas.

  5. They can start by forcing the owners to sell the Nation and provide it free with no cost to readers and, of course, no advertisers or government money. FREE IS AWESOME!!!!!

  6. We not only have to put up with home grown terrorists but also home grown idiots. They are as much a pustule on the butt of civilization as the black plague and other assorted viruses! These cockroaches never sleep!

  7. Another “new” idea taken directly from the Communist Manifesto.

    All anyone needs to do to find out what the dem platform and future plans are is to go read the Manifesto.

  8. The correct answer to the “unstoppable force and unmoveable object” question, is that the “unstoppable force”, must be redirected, because the unmoveable object can’t/won’t move.

  9. May as well, the foreclosures hit my area horribly. There are still vacant houses and the ones that were vacant are now rentals. These rentals have brought about an interesting mix of people to the area over the past 3 years with section 8 vouchers. I’m not kidding it’s not as brightly lit as it used to be around here about 3 years ago.

    To top it all off, these homes were never meant to be rentals, the township has never needed rental inspections/standards, so they’re not in place. Whole subdivisions have gone wilding, even the supposedly protected associations haven’t been able to circumvent the migration.

    I’m so called in the money, but the problem is after living here 17 years, the house needs some updating. Add on the fact there’s a backlog of inventory and the place isn’t as nice as it used to be and I’ve got a problem. I can choose to put some work into the place and sell it, but by the time I run the numbers, I make about $1500 or take a loss.

    Since my neighbor turned into an A#1 jerk the past few years (we always knew he was nuts, but he really flipped recently) I’m left with tearing out everything and turning the place into a low maintenance rental. Hopefully I can get someone who will actually pay the rent and I can make a bit more than $1500. Once that’s accomplished, I don’t care anymore, just let it foreclose eventually.

  10. I see the proof of what you say every day.

    I take care of over 400 properties.

    The homes that are owned by the occupants are respected,cared for and improved upon over time.

    The ones occupied by low-rent renters are often trashed and disrespected. They expect the landlord to rectify the damage they do without charging them for it.

    I get a little smile when they tell me how outraged they are that the landlord is charging them for tearing up the house.

    Section 8 people are the worst about being like this. It’s disgusting when they move out and you’re there to get the place straightened out again. I wear my gas mask most often in those situations just to keep from puking.

  11. I used to do corporate housing in Richmond, VA. Usually wasn’t a problem, until we got someone placed by their insurance company. Never failed, “Grandma” owned the house and all her kids and grandkids “lived” with her. In a two bedroom cottage. Somehow this translated into (2) 3-bedroom apartments, fully furnished with the Executive packages, and when “Grandma”‘s house was finished, all our furniture and amenities disappeared from our apartments, and we had in excess of $10,000 damages. The carpets were saturated with animal and human urine. And the insurance company simply cut a check and passed the costs onto all their other customers. The path of least resistance.

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