‘If It’s Going to Be Easy for Hillary to Beat Trump, Why Can’t You?’

Breitbart: Limbaugh to GOP Candidate Trump Detractors: If It’s Going to Be Easy for Hillary to Beat Trump, Why Can’t You?

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Wednesday on his national radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh questioned the Republican candidates that have made the claim that if their party’s current front-runner Donald Trump is the nominee, then the likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will easily defeat him in next year’s general election.

Limbaugh specifically referred to GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who had made the disparaging remarks about the potential of Republican voters nominating Trump at a press event according to The Des Moines Register.

He went on to question that notion, stating that if it is going to be so easy for Clinton, then why haven’t any of the other GOP candidates, including Fiorina, been able to unseat Trump from the front-runner spot.  read more

14 Comments on ‘If It’s Going to Be Easy for Hillary to Beat Trump, Why Can’t You?’

  1. Nov. 22nd–“Six GOP presidential candidates would beat Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup…”

    Dec 7th–“Hillary Clinton led all GOP White House contenders in hypothetical general-election showdowns…”

    This is such bullshit. None of them know anything. The only sure things are that Trump is killing it in the polls, and Hillary is cooking the polls.

  2. She’s a Corporate beast… of course she specializes in betrayal. She’s probably learned in a much more vicious environment than Politics. In Politics, you’re on camera.

  3. I once liked Fiorina also. However, historical facts(and NO it isn’t being fired from Hewlitt) reveal that she isn’t the package she claims to be. Maybe Sect. of Moaning and Bitching would be a great Cabinet slot.

  4. Carly Chameleonia is the worst kind of opportunist there is. I don’t like her, I never liked her. She is a shrew.

  5. Why? Because those of us supporting Trump are just a bunch of dumb hicks toting guns and Bibles all around flyover country. We’re too stupid to see the brilliance of the other candidates.

  6. You forget, those ‘hicks’, and Bible and gun toters OUT NUMBER the damn political puppet masters. Just as the emperor of Japan found out, the Giant of America was and is NOT SLEEPING.

    We try to get along, but with your numerous GOP strikes and shoveling of the GOP bullshit candidates down our throats; YOUR’E OUT! PACK YOUR GOP baggage and move out!

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