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Is NAACP President Selling Political Endorsements?

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DT: You’d think in order to get an endorsement from the NAACP or its members that you’d have to demonstrate loyalty and allegiance to black causes, but you’d be wrong. All it takes is some cold hard cash. An NAACP chapter president is offering up political endorsements from a Political Action Committee he represents in exchange for a fat stack of Ben Franklins.

Hezekiah Jackson is the Birmingham, AL NAACP chapter president. He is also the co-chair of Team Seven, a powerful local PAC whose endorsements promise to deliver votes from the black community.  MORE

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  1. I got a call from the Jesse Jackson coalition trying to shake down my corporation for $$. The representative told me that my brand could face a serious crisis, but they would be there to help. Well, the crisis never happened…

  2. At least this fellow’s not a hypocrite, and this puts him ahead of other progressives in my book. “Pay me and I’ll help deliver some votes.” Simple and direct. Sure, these folks are race hustlers, but they are clear that it’s about only about the money and I can get on board with that attitude.

    Politics is all about money and power. Politicians “help” people only if there is something in it for them – they get reelected, they get higher offices, they get more power, they get paid, or some combination of all of these. The question voters need to ask is not what politicians can do for (or to) them, but what it will cost – both in terms of money and personal freedom – to vote for these people.

    This branch of the NAACP is up front with their agenda – it will cost you, Mr. or Ms. Politician, at least $500 to even consider having our support. Actually, the NAACP is probably selling their organization too cheaply, but they probably figure that in addition to immediate cold cash, they can use their base to extort additional goodies once these politicians get into office. It’s brazen, but I rather admire brazen at times – particularly when it is upfront.

    And yes, I did re-watch the “Godfather” movies this weekend. Why do you ask?

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