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Dear Doctor Saadi of HuffPo: Actually, You’re the Racist Bigot…


Dear Dr. Altaf Saadi of Huffington Post,

Adults these days. If it isn’t homophobia, it’s racism. If it isn’t racism, it’s sexism.

Altaf Saadi of Huffington Post

If it isn’t sexism, it’s a new ism and excuse me while I throw myself off a bridge. Speaking of suicides, let’s talk about you. You’re a Muslim woman who penned an article in the Huffington Post, regaling us all about the tragedy of your predicament, lecturing us all about the pervasive racism particularly rampant in America. I’m not entirely sure why your parents immigrated here from Iran if America is so intolerant. I’m also not sure if non-Muslims in Iran would find American culture as problematic, but who knows? I’m a silly, white man.


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7 Comments on Dear Doctor Saadi of HuffPo: Actually, You’re the Racist Bigot…

  1. You are exactly right you filthy foreigner the only place you will be safe from racism, bigotry and sexism, while wearing that diaper on your head, is back in that bastion of freedom Iran! Bon voyage

  2. I’ve come to a realization about all of the non-white collectives that just rail on and on and on about white privilege, patriarchy, imperialism, and all that nasty and evil (everything)-ism, It isn’t the socialist-collectivist ideology that drives them, although that’s plainly there.

    It is simply lazy greed. Western culture is, for any of the vampire cultures, simply the gift neck that keeps on giving bleeding.

  3. Actually, it is rather ingenious place to carry a spare diaper.
    Wonder how Hillary and Bernie would look with their extra pair of Depends as headwear?

  4. I would say greed or envy. Uncle Al, I always enjoy reading your posts. In this instance I think it is a combination – if “they” can’t get what they want, they act like a bull in a china shop and crap on everything they don’t break.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, dave!

    I think you’re right about the envy. They wouldn’t know what to be greedy for without it! (-:

  6. Gosh. I thought my white privilege would protect me from bigotry. You and I are just two peas in a pod, Altaf!

  7. Dear Dr. Saadi,

    Please kindly suck a wet shiny turd out of my white male asshole.



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