Mr. Pinko on the Andrea Shea King Show – Monday – January 25 – 9:00pm est – – IOTW Report

Mr. Pinko on the Andrea Shea King Show – Monday – January 25 – 9:00pm est –

Monday – January 25 – 9:00pm est – Mr. Pinko on the Andrea Shea King Show

CALL IN # 646 478-4604

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on The Andrea Shea King show by Mr. Pinko are soley Mr. Pinko’s.
Mr. Pinko’s views and opinions do not represent those of, BFH, and/or any/all contributors to this site.
Mr. Pinko accepts the fact that he may be fired at a moment’s notice for voicing his opinion on the Andrea Shea King show.

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24 Comments on Mr. Pinko on the Andrea Shea King Show – Monday – January 25 – 9:00pm est –

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard your voice, Mr. “Esteemed” Pinko.

    Don’t disappoint me. 😉

  2. @ Mr Pinko .. You will be disappointed – I sound like Trump and Joe Pesce

    Well, hell, you could walk down Fifth Avenue with 15 heads in a duffel bag and you’d be even more popular around here !

  3. Good show, Mr. P. ! So surprised to be a call-in. You’re right — you’re a Joe P. / Trump voice crossover.

    Hey! I’m not a lofo!! LOL!

  4. @ Mr. Pinko

    Is there any way you could print the letter you read during the show. It was great.
    You, Abigail Adams and Andrea were definitely worth listening to tonight. Okay, Fur, you were also. 🙂

  5. Plain Jane, I wanted to be part of the online chat but when I went to sign-in I couldn’t do it without going through the rigmarole of signing up for blog talk radio and registering as a user (albeit for free). I thought there would be an easy way to just sign in as a guest, as so many had. I was following youse guys’ chat, though.

    It would be fun to put a IOTWr live debate together using blog talk radio, yes?

  6. @ AbigailAdams, absolutely Yes. But I’m still glad you were vocalized. 🙂 When you first came on, I had left the computer for a couple of minutes, so when I returned, I heard a third voice and asked who was speaking. I think it was C.Steven Tucker who said it was you. I thought “Oh good.” You are a terrific voice for commenters.

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